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Top 10 Best Chinese Actors of All Time

Chinese stars are not less than the Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. I must say, the Chinese actors and actresses are as talented and skillful as the celebrities of any other industry. Thanks to the quick expansion of the entertainment industry in China which gave us the chance to know about some very talented Chinese celebrities. Let us check out the list of top 10 best Chinese actors of all time.

10. Leehom Wang

Leehom Wang is an American-born, Taiwan-based singer-songwriter, record producer, actor and film director of China. He completed his studies from Williams College, and Berklee College of Music. He is an award-winning actor of the era. Leehom has given various hits to the industry, and bagged four Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, and several others.

Best Chinese Actors

9. Huang Xiaoming

Famous as a Chinese actor, Huang Xiaoming got fame for his role in television series named ‘The Return of the Condor Heroes’. In 2007, he started receiving lots of appreciations due to his performance. He has played major role in the film ‘Sacrifice’, and several others.

Best Chinese Actors

8. Zhao Benshan

Zhao Benshan is a popular Chinese sitcom actor. He is also a television actor and director. Zhao gained fame for his appearance on the CCTV New Year’s Gala. He also remained involved in several commercial and famous ad campaigns.

Best Chinese Actors

7. Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen is an excellent actor of China. He got international fame for doing roles in several movies along with actors such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Michelle Yeoh. He is considered as Hong Kong’s top action star, and earns huge amount from his movies.

Best Chinese Actors

6. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, a famous Hong Kong actor, director, filmmaker and producer, needs no introduction. He is one of the most influencing Chinese stars. Chan has done hundreds of Chinese and Hollywood movies, and got too much popularity. Some of his fantastic films are Drunken Master, Half a Loaf of Kung Fu, Spiritual Kung Fu, Battle Creek Brawl, The Young Master, and Dragon Lord.

Best Chinese Actors

5. Andy Lau

Andy Lau is an engaging actor of the era. He is not only an actor, but also a singer. His most successful movies were What Women Want with co-star Gong Li, Shaolin with Jackie Chan, and The Warlords with co-star Jet Li.

Best Chinese Actors

4. Jay Chou

Jay Chou is a talented actor, and musician. He has bagged silver medals in Taiwan as a singer. His famous movies are The Green Hornet, Initial D, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Treasure Hunter, and The Green Hornet. The songs he has sung include Herbalist’s Manual, Faraway, Chrysanthemum Terrace, Perfection, and Listen to Mother.

Best Chinese Actors

3. Yao Ming

Yao Ming is a retired professional basketball player, and an actor. In other words, we can say that Yao is a multi-talented individual. For many years, he was regarded as the tallest player of NBA. He has also done several television shows.

Best Chinese Actors

2. Jet Li

Jet Li is a Chinese martial artist, actor, and film producer. He was born in Beijing, and played leading roles in Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D, The Sorcerer and the White Snake etc. Li is also the founder of the charity fund ‘One Foundation’.

Best Chinese Actors


1. Feng Xiaogang

Feng is an excellent Chinese film director, and actor. He is known for his commercial filmmaking style. He also holds a good place in the hearts of television viewers. He bagged various awards for his awesome performance in several movies.

Best Chinese Actors

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