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Top 10 Best Chinese Music Festivals

China’s music industry has seen too much growth for two to three decades. Nowadays, we love to listen Chinese songs, which sometimes come in multiple languages. People who come to China to enjoy the grand landscape and delicious cuisines, never miss the chance to enjoy some great music festivals. You can also plan something exciting or yourself this winter. Let us check out the list of top 10 best Chinese music festivals.

10. Midi Modern Music Festival

The Midi Modern Music Festival is one of the largest Chinese music festivals. It  was inaugurated by the Beijing Midi School of Music for the first time in May of 2000, and since then it has been become a famous music event. It is held yearly in the months of May and October. The event features environmental themes such as raising awareness to entertain the guests.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

9. Modern Sky Festival and Strawberry Music Festival

The Modern Sky Festival is an outdoor rock music festival. It is held in Beijing,China. It was, for the first time, held in 2007. The festival is loved by the audience, and features the themes of “Springtime, romance and love”. It has so many activities to entertain the people, coming from different parts of the world.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

8. Shanghai Spring International Music Festival

The Shanghai Spring International Music Festival was first held in 2001 in Shanghai. It features special performances by talented singers, DJs, and musicians. The festival is hosted and attended by famous singers of China, as well as other celebrities.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

7. Snow Mountain Music Festival

The Snow Mountain Music Festival is a lovely musical event. It was started in 2002, and then held in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012 in Lijiang, China. The festival features music shows, competitions, and special concerts. It is loved by the music lovers, and also organizes special competitions of photography, visual arts, and modern dance.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

6. Hohaiyan Rock Festival

It is one of the best Chinese music festivals. The annual Hohaiyan Rock Festival is another great music festival. It is held on Fulong Beach, Gongliao, New Taipei, Taiwan. First time this festival was held in 2000. Notable musicians from both Taiwan and and China attend this festival, along with the so many music folks.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

5. Zebra Music Festival

The Zebra Music Festival was first time held 2009. It is held during summer holidays in southwest China’s Chengdu City. The festival attracts over 150,000 musical fans from across the world. Also, it is a place for the new talent to showcase their music-related stuff.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

4. Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival

The Zhangbei Grassland Music Festival was first initiated in 2009. It has so far been attended by more than 100,000 people. This is a three-days great festival that receives lots of sponsorship. It features special music competitions and concerts.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

3. Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival

The first Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival was held on March 23, 2011. This festival is attended by the music experts of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. The festival is held with an aim to select new singers and musicians from all parts of the world.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

2. Macau International Music Festival

The first Macau International Music Festival was held on October 24, 1987. This is a lovely annual festival. The world’s famous artists, musicians, singers, and other celebrities attend this featival. It features special music programs including symphonies, chamber music, contemporary music, and other forms to captivate the attention of music lovers.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

1. Spring Scream Festival

This festival was started in 1995. It is the largest international music and art festival of China. It is held in April at Kenting in southern Taiwan. It showcases a variety of musical stylesfrom bands from the world over. Also, some special concerts and music competition are held to bring forth new talent.

Best Chinese Music Festivals

Have you attended any of these festivals?