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Top 10 Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

Having chocolates is the desire of many of us. Especially when there comes Christmas, and such events—we never miss to bring home chocolates. On Valentine’s Day, the love birds give gifts of chocolates to each other. This makes us believe that the chocolates have become a must part of our lives. We love to have them on almost all occasions and the celebrations are never completed without these tasty items. Let us check out the list of top 10 best chocolate manufacturers in 2014.

10. Bernachon

It is a Lyon-based chocolatier and chocolate manufacturer that produces high quality chocolates and milky bars. The company is known for the various delicious chocolate types, which are delivered to the customers the world over.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

9. Belcolade

The Belcolade is a Belgian chocolate brand owned by Puratos. It is a multi-national food manufacturing company that has specialized in bakery, chocolate and patisseries etc. The company was formed in 1988.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

8. Australian Homemade

This chocolate manufacturing company is operating for many years. It is a famous Dutch chocolate shop, having its franchises in more than 50 countries worldwide. They are also dealing in shakes, and ice cream, besides serving the chocolate lovers.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

7. Askinosie

The Askinosie is a microbatch bean-to-bar chocolate maker, based in Springfield, Missouri. This company was founded in 2005 by Shawn Askinosie, a criminal defense lawyer. The company is presently serving the customers worldwide and deals in more than 100 chocolate types.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

6. Amano

The Amano Chocolate is a Utah-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker founded by Art Pollard and Clark Goble. It is a renowned chocolate manufacturing company that deals in various types of shakes, ice creams, cakes, and chocolate varieties.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

5. Abanico

The Abanico Chocolat is a French chocolaterie founded by Victoire Finaz in 2009. It is best known for its beautiful and distinctive fan-shaped packaging of chocolates. You can place an order for Christmas special chocolates at their online stores.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

4. 40point5

This chocolate brand was created by former Cocomaya chocolatier, Jonathan Deddis, sold at his Thackery Street shop in London. Other than London, it has its shops across Europe, America, Canada, and Asia. This produces very tasty chocolates.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

3. Auberge du Chocolat

The Auberge du Chocolat makes a variety of chocolate bars, truffles and special gifts for Christmas, Halloween, and New Year like events. They have their shops in all major cities in the world, and also sell their products on the internet.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

2. Agostoni

The Agostoni is an Italian bean-to-bar chocolate company. It was founded in 1946 by the Agostoni family. The company is now owned by Italian food multinational ICAM. It deals in more than 50 types of chocolate bars and other delicious deals of sweets.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

1. Barlovento

The Barlovento Chocolates is an chocolatier based in Oakland, California. They are best known for their delicious truffles, caramels, bars and other chocolate varieties. The ingredients used are always fresh and healthy.

Best Chocolate Manufacturers in 2014

Have you tried the chocolates of these brands? If not then let me remind you that chocolates from these companies are healthier than any other brand you might have tasted. So, why waste time when such wonderful manufacturers are there!