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Top 10 Best Coffee Houses in USA

The use of coffee has become a part of American culture since World War II era. In those days, the people used to use dark stuff like beans for the preparation of coffee. Then came a time when billions of combinations were introduced. Now a cup of coffee is made delicious with milk, beans, sugar, and various types of flavors. Not only the black coffee but also its other forms with or without caffeine give us freshness. Let us see the top 10 best coffee houses in USA.

10. Saint Frank’s, San Francisco

This gorgeously decorated coffee house is situated in San Francisco. It boasts a state-of-the-art indoor environment for the guests, and serves espresso coffee, and delicious tea varieties along with the special chicken sticks or snacks.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

9. Peregrine Espresso, Washington, D.C.

The Peregrine Espresso is situated in Washington. It is a well known coffee house with excellent atmosphere and more than 15 different varieties of coffee, tea. Here the guests are served with burgers, chicken pieces, cakes, and pastries. The coffee house never lets the customers down in terms of its quality coffee.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

8. PT’s Caffe Espresso at College Hill, Topeka, Kan

Kansas’ one of the most well-known roaster-turned-coffee-shop, PT’s Caffe Espresso serves the guests with premium coffee. Thanks to its dedicated owners, Fred Polzin and Jeff Taylor who take good care of the quality. This coffee shop was opened in 1993. It not only offers special coffee, but also delicious Flying Monkey espresso along with some finest snacks and pancakes.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

7. Artifact Coffee, Baltimore

Artifact’s farm-to-table vibe, delicious food offerings, and yummy coffee are what make this shop a remarkable choice of coffee lovers in Baltimore. It can be regarded as a coffee house where you can sit and enjoy the tea or coffee in a cultural environment. Here the guests are also offered tasty maple macchiato, Japanese cold brew iced coffee, and green tea.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

6. Little Collins, New York

The Little Collins is a well known coffee shop of New York City. It strives on excellent meals and drinks for the customers. This shop is owned by Leon Unglik, and according to him, they are very serious about the taste and quality of their coffee and food, and don’t like to compromise on something cheap in quality. The bellyful of food items and warm coffee will surely make you a fan of this place.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

5. Panther Coffee, Miami

The Panther Coffee is situated in Miami. This coffee house serves the guests with over 20 varieties of coffee and tea. You can have a cup of hot coffee with or without milk. They always serve the guests in a way that suits their appetite. Also, snacks, pastries, and chicken items are available here.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

4. Condesa Coffee, Atlanta

There’s a lot to love at Condesa Coffee. This is one of the finest coffee spots of Atlanta. It has a line-up of coffee brews, Intelligentsia teas, cocktail and food menu. The shop has a homey environment, so feel free to go there and enjoy delicious meal along with your friends or family.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

3. Joule Coffee, Raleigh, N.C.

The Joule Coffee provides quality food and beverages to the customers. It is one of the best places to drink and eat in USA. This is known much for its vibrant environment and lovely ranges of coffee and tea, which are served with cakes, pastries, and sandwiches.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

2. Everyman Espresso, New York

If you want to get rid of the boring nerdy coffee shops, then make your way to the Everyman Espresso of New York. This coffee shop doesn’t just cater the customers, but gives them the best. It is appreciated for its new wave of coffee nerds, black tea, lemon juice, fresh juice, milkshakes, and various varieties of eatables.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

1. Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles

The Go Get Em Tiger is a nice coffee shop of Los Angeles. This is a fun-filled bar for those who want warm and cold drinks under one roof. It is owned by Charles Babinski and Kyle Glanville, and is known to serve the guests with the variety of coffee and tea, along with snacks, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and meat balls.

Best Coffee Houses in USA

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