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Top 10 Best Comedy TV Shows of 2014

With numerous different comedy shows on television, it is too difficult to name a few. On almost all channels, the purpose is to entertain the viewers to much extent. Since the day the television was invented, we have see millions and trillions of shows; some of them got fame the world over, while others were pushed behind the race and couldn’t get much appreciations. Let us check out the list of top 10 best comedy TV shows of 2014.

10. Community

This excellent show is written and directed by Dan Harmon. It is one of the best comedy sitcoms ever. The whole team has worked really hard to make it a big hit. All the characters are wonderfully attached and developed in this show, and have made themselves appear real in their illogicality, which is really nice to see.

Best Comedy TV Shows

9. The Big Bang Theory

No wonder Jim Parsons is piled with various awards on the back of this. This is one of the most watched television shows. The story of this comedy sitcom is simple yet highly impressive. The stars like Simon Helberg and Raj have given outstanding performance here. All other characters are very nice.

Best Comedy TV Shows

8. Parks and Re-creation

Sarcastic political over views, comedy romance and seriousness is what this show is known for. The story is about Leslie Knope, who is the hard working council lady. The show has lots of fun to make your viewers laugh. It has hit seven successful seasons so far.

Best Comedy TV Shows

7. Arrested Development

The Bluth family has never been so impressive and entertaining for the viewers. The popularity of this show is because of awesome performance of all the stars, and the comedy scenes that make the viewers laugh. The show was reinstated on Netflix with full fifteen episodes.

Best Comedy TV Shows

6. The Office

The Office, although lost its main character, Michael Scott who played a stroppy boss, but still has been a nice comedy sitcom of the year. The story is about the life of a man and how he deals with the challenges of his office. There is too much comedy and fun in this show.

Best Comedy TV Shows

5. How I Met Your Mother

This is another lovely sitcom that has gotten worldwide appreciations. In every episode, there is a new story and new characters. This is what has been really inspiring for the viewers. It is an amazing combination of friendship and romance.

Best Comedy TV Shows

4. Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous

An MTV’s sitcom, Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous is a story of a fresh-graduate who wants to be famous. Zach Stone works in different ways to make his life successful, but some of his acts are too funny.

Best Comedy TV Shows

3. 30 Rock

The last season of the show 30 Rock was something not to miss. Here Liz get married and the show ended up sentimental and funny. This is a successful comedy sitcom that got appreciations the world over.

Best Comedy TV Shows

2. Modern Family

The story of Modern Family is very beautiful. All the off-screen and onscreen work has been fantastic to make this a big hit of the year. This is a documentary style of sitcom. Its story is about Jay Pritchett, his second wife, their infant son and his stepson, as well as their children and other family members.

Best Comedy TV Shows

1. New Girl

Schmidt, Cece, Robby, Elizabeth, Jess and Nick all of the characters are a part of New Girl show. The performance of the stars has been fantastic, making it a big hit of the year. The story is told in an impressive and funny style.

Best Comedy TV Shows

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