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Top 10 Best European Women of All Time

While compiling the list of top 10 best European women of all time, I came across a lot of high profile females. These beauty divas rose to fame in Hollywood, and some of them are known as fashion models. Acting is not an easy job, it requires much of your attention and a celeb has also to be presentable and smart all the time. This can be tough for many, but when it comes to rise the heights of success and earn a lot, acting can be your one and only choice. So, let us not waste time and start the countdown.

Best European Women of All Time

10. Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve is an adorable actress of the Dancer in the Dark. She was born in 1943 in Paris, France. She started her movie career at the age of 13 from The Twilight Girls, and continued playing minor roles. Her breakthrough was The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, in which she was highly admired due to her beautiful performance. This French diva has worked with various big directors including Luis Buñuel, and Roman Polanski. She rose to the peaks of popularity from the 1964 film Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. She has worked in Repulsion (1965), Belle de Jour (1967), and Tristana (1970).

Catherine Deneuve

9. Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert is one of the most beautiful European women. She is a hot and top notch actress and fashion model. Isabelle is much recognized from her performance in the movie named Amour. She was born in 1953, in Paris, France. She has bagged various awards during her career. Her professional life was started in 1971, and she has worked in more than one hundred movies and tv shows. She is one of the most nominated actresses of the César Award, with 14 nominations. Her best movies have been Aloïse (1975), The Lacemaker (1977), Violette Nozière (1978), Story of Women (1988), La Ceremonie (1995), and 8 Women (2002).

Isabelle Huppert

8. Tessa Charlotte Rampling

Tessa Charlotte Rampling is the diva of the movie Swimming Pool. She was born in Sturmer, England, to Isabel Anne (Gurteen), and Godfrey Lionel Rampling. This English lady has appeared in English, French, and Italian movies. She got an Honorary César in 2001, and France’s Legion of Honour in 2002. She was married to one of the famous French composers named Jean Michel Jarre. Rampling began career in 1965. Her best movies are The Damned (1969), The Night Porter (1974), Farewell My Lovely (1975), Stardust Memories (1980), The Verdict (1982), and The Eye of the Storm (2011).

Tessa Charlotte Rampling

7. Monica Bellucci 

Monica Bellucci was born in 1964. She is a successful and famous fashion model and actress of Italy. She was born in Umria to Brunella Briganti, and Pasquale Bellucci, and had grown up in San Guistino. Monica began career as a model when she was only of 13. In 1988, she signed a contract with the Elite Model Management. By 1989, she became a prominent model of Paris. She has worked with various big brands like Dolce & Gabbana, and Elle. Her best performances have been in La Riffa (1991), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), Malèna (2000), Brotherhood of the Wolf, and Irréversible (2002).

Monica Bellucci

6. Judi Dench

Her full name is Dame Judith Olivia “Judi” Dench. She was born in 1934, and is one of the most successful females of Europe. As an actress and author, Judi Dench got much success. Her debut was in 1957 with the Old Vic Company. She has performed in numerous Shakespeare plays during her career. Judi took no time to establish herself as an actress. Her best performances are in A Room with a View (1986), GoldenEye (1995), Skyfall (2012), Mrs. Brown (1997), Iris (2001), Mrs Henderson Presents (2005), Notes on a Scandal (2006), and Philomena (2013).

Judi Dench


5. Emily Watson

Emily Watson is yet another wonderful European female. She was born in 1967 in London. She is a successful and gorgeous English actress and former fashion model. She is a two-time nominee of the Academy Award, and four-time nominee of BAFTA Award. The adorable Emily began career from stage and became a part of the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1992. She has always been known for her superb performance and dedication. She worked on television in the ITV drama Appropriate Adult in 2011. Her most remarkable movies are Hilary and Jackie (1998), The Boxer (1997), Angela’s Ashes (1999), Gosford Park (2001), Punch-Drunk Love (2002), Red Dragon (2002), Equilibrium (2002), The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004), Within the Whirlwind (2009), and The Book Thief (2013).

Emily Watson

4. Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr is a Scottish-born female celeb. She was born in 1921, and died in 2007. She is an international tv, theater, and movie celeb of all time. Deborah won a Golden Globe Award for her beautiful performance in the motion picture named The King and I, and the Sarah Siddons Award for the play named Tea and Sympathy. Other than this, Deborah received six nominations of the Academy Award for Best Actress, but could not win any of them. The best movies of this elegant lady include An Affair to Remember, From Here to Eternity, Quo Vadis, The Innocents, Black Narcissus, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, King Solomon’s Mines, and Separate Tables.

Deborah Kerr

3. Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau was born Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu in Paris,. She is daughter of Simone (Morisset), and Benoît Maupu. She was only of 14 when she heard from her friends that the director Claude Pinoteau was looking for new faces for his new movie project. Sophie was born in 1966. She is an actress, screenwriter, fashion model and author of France. She got popularity due to her incredible performance in La Boum (1980), and La Boum 2 (1982), for which she received a César Award for Most Promising Actress. The other remarkable movies of Sophie include L’Étudiante (1988), Pacific Palisades (1990), Fanfan (1993), and Revenge of the Musketeers (1994).

Sophie Marceau

2. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz has always been known for her impressive personality and long shiny hairs. She was born in 1974. She is a successful Spanish actress and fashion model. Penelope started career at the age of 15 as a model. Her television debut was at the age of 16. Her subsequent roles have been in Open Your Eyes (1997), The Hi-Lo Country (1999), The Girl of Your Dreams (2000), Woman on Top (2000), Waking Up in Reno (2002), Gothika (2003), Noel (2004), Sahara (2005), Volver (2006), and Nine (2009). Penelope received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for many of her movies. This hot female has worked as a model with Mango, Ralph Lauren, and L’Oréal.

Penelope Cruz

1. Kate Winslet

Actress Kate Winslet rose to the limelight due to her superb performance in Titanic. She was born in 1975. She is a successful actress and singer. She received an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and a Grammy Award. She is one of the most famous females to receive highest number of Academy Award nominations. Let me name the top movies of Kate Winslet. These are obviously Heavenly Creatures (1994), Sense and Sensibility (1995), Titanic (1997), Iris (2001), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Finding Neverland (2004), Little Children (2006), and Revolutionary Road (2008).

Kate Winslet

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