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Top 10 Best Exercise Equipments To Build Muscle Fast

Best Exercise Equipments Not everyone has the time or mindset to go to a gym to stay in shape. A lot of people started looking at building some muscle without leaving their house as it is more convenient. Equipment manufacturers offer a wide selection of products that have been design to be used un small apartments or homes due to their compact form factor and utility.

Some of them can be used to work out on multiple muscle groups while others are dedicated to a single one. Here are the top 10 best exercise equipments worth spending money on.

best exercise equipments to build muscle fast

The classic adjustable dumbbells are considered one of the most convenient and practical exercise equipments. The Bowflex set offers up to 52.5 pounds of weight that can be adjusted. They are easy to store, take very little space and can be used to build muscle mass for the chest, arms, back and shoulders. They can even be used as additional weight when doing abs.

9. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

The stamina Power Tower is excellent for the ones that want to gain a bit of mass and strength without using weights. This type of equipment makes use of the body’s weight to work on the back, arms, abs and chest. As a plus, the 1690 Power Tower recommends for beginners that are just starting out.

8. Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up

Push ups are considered one of the best exercises that can be done at home without the aid of any kind of equipment. However, the Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press can enhance the exercise. This simple device can make the push ups work the muscles of the upper back, arms and chest. Using only bodyweight, strength training with this equipment is not only easy but affordable as well.

7. Weider Incline Weight Bench

The incline weight bench from Weider is the perfect device to complement a set of dumbbells. Because of its adjustable position it can be used for a wide range of exercises to work the upper half of the body. It can be used to work almost all muscle groups on the chest back, arms and abs.

6. Universal Five-Position Weight Bench

The Universal weight bench is similar to the Weider. However, it does have one advantage that places it ahead and that is the number of adjustable positions. It can be used to perform even more exercises. It is a bit more expensive but well worth the spend due to its flexibility, compact form factor and clever adjustable design.

5. Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower can be considered an upgraded version of the Stamina 1690. It is a bit more sturdy and can support more weight. Also, the quality of build is fairly superior and despite all these improvements. Because it is affordable, the Weider is a better pick for the ones that want to work their upper torso.

4. Weider 2980 x Weight System

The Weider is a very versatile machine. Their 2980 is a piece of equipment that combines multiple gym specific exercises into one weight training machine. It is easy to use but it can take up quite a bit of space and the results in terms of muscle gain are superior.

3. Marcy Diamond Mid Size Bench

The Mercy mid size bench is a great exercises equipment but it needs a set of weights and a chest press bar to make it useful. It is one of the more affordable ones that offer a bit of extra functionality that offers exercise diversity. It can be used to work the entire torso and arms.

2. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The Bowflex is one of the best home exercise equipments that can be used for muscle mass gain. It can be used to work on almost every part of the body. The only downside is that the exercises for the legs are limited.

1. Powerline PHG1000X Single Stack Home Gym

The Powerline PHG1000X home gym equipment is the best one so far in terms of value for money It can actually save money that would otherwise be spend on other devices to work various muscle groups since the Powerline can work on every single part of the body. Combined with the fact that it has a great value for money ratio and sturdy build quality, the home gym ranks as one of the best that are currently available on the market.