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Top 10 Best & Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World

Wedding is the time when everyone wants something nice and extraordinary. Both bride and groom love spending hours and hours out to buy lovely outfits, footwear, and other products for this day. Many of us save extra money to spend on buying an expensive and gorgeous wedding dress. Believe me there are so many Richie Richs in our world who spend billions of dollars on one wedding dress.

Let us check out which are the top 10 best & most expensive wedding dresses in the world.

10. Grace Kelly’s Helen Rose Gown – Cost USD76,000

Designed by Helen Rose, this is one of the most expensive wedding dress that is highly influencing and is priced around USD76,000. The dress contained adequate details of silk. It has silk net yards, silk taffeta and an antique Brussels rose-point lace. Also the dress had a bodice fitted to make it look more beautiful. It was made sleeveless and has pearls and veil to make it look prettier than any other wedding dress.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

9. Imperial Pearl Syndicate Wedding Dress – Cost USD100,000

This 27 pounds dress contains around one million pearls that have been beautifully stitched into it. The dress is very beautiful and the pearls have added great value in its beautification. The dress is brightly colored to make it look more captivating, and has a feminine flair. This dress is priced USD100,000.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

8. Melania Knauss Wedding Dress – Cost USD150,000

If you plan to marry a zillionaire, Melania Knauss is the advantage you’ll be getting. This is one of the most expensive wedding gowns, and the price is around USD150,000. Wearing this dress, a bride will look like a princess. It bears around 300 feet tulle and some 1500 rhinestones. The gown was exclusively stitched for Melania Knauss.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

7. 9,999 carats of gems Wedding Gown – Cost USD160,000

It is yet another beautiful and appealing wedding dress. This gown was made in Vietnam, and contains almost 222 diamonds and 100 red precious rubies. Thanks to Huy Vo for creating such a lovely dress. The gown is priced around USD160,000, and weighs 40 pounds. It has tinges of bright colors and 9,999 carats of jewels.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

6. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – Cost USD250,000

It is a commonly known phenomenon that bridal dress of Duchess of Cambridge had been inspired by Grace Kelly’s Dress. This gorgeous and beautiful dress has silk net and lace that have been detailed well throughout to make it look like a divine royal outfit. The dress was an Alexander McQueen number, and contains hand-stitched lace applique. The dress costs around USD250,000.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

5. Platinum Wedding Dress – Cost USD300,000

This gorgeous outfit is manufactured with high quality fabric knitted of silk and platinum thread. The dress was designed by Italian Mauro Adami, and is priced around USD300,000. The platinum used in the dress is of luxurious quality, and around four hundred yards of fabric make it look more appealing.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

4. Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding Dress – Cost USD1.5 million

Have you ever seen Catherine Zeta Jones wedding dress? No? then its time to check the websites to have a look at this appealing dress. I believe that it is one of the cutest dresses any Hollywood celebrity has ever worn. The dress was priced around USD1.5 million, and was best fitted to this gorgeous American celebrity. The dress had a 6 feet long train, a V-neck sleeveless dress with elegant look and diamonds and silk to add value to its beauty.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

3. Peacock Feather Wedding Dress – Cost USD1.6 million

This dress is as gorgeous as its name, Peacock Feature wedding outfit was made with real peacock feathers. Taking a look at its picture brings a wow reaction, but unfortunately this dress is out of the range of many of us. It is priced around USD1.6 million and was presented by Danasha Luxury in 2010. The dress has heavy diamonds and gold (18 k gold), besides appealing peacock features along with hand-stitching to make sure its quality.


2. Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress – Cost USD2.6 million

This exclusive dress was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. The dress was worn by the beautiful Princess Diana. I believe Diana’s personality is what added great value to this dress’s outlook. The dress contained pearls and sequences of lace frills on the bodice. Another highlighting feature of this was that it had 24 feet long train. It was priced around USD2.6 million.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

1. Diamond Wedding Gown – Cost USD12.2 million

Wearing such a lovely wedding gown is like a dream comes true. Doesn’t it? This wedding gown contains almost 150 carats of diamonds that were studded into it with the help of laces. The sparkling and eye-catching look had been made sure by the designer duo behind this extravaganza is Martin Katz and Renee Strauss. The dress costs around USD12.2 million, and the veil that comes with it has rhinestones.

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

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