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Top 10 Best Free Email Service Providers in 2015

It is absolutely true that there are various email services running nowadays. But the fact is only a few have become famous among the users, and are widely loved for their better space and bundles of features. Let us have a look at the top 10 best free email service providers in 2015.

10. Inbox

This is an excellent email service that brings a lot of features other than 5GB of storage space. The security of users’ accounts is maintained. But many customers have complained about its lack of proper phishing filter and limited access via IMAP. Still overall this service is reliable as it provides specifications like calendar, notes, and auto-notifications etc.

Best Free Email Service Providers

9. Lycos Mail

This used to be a free service, but the sources say it now charges around USD20/year for the space over 5GB. It is packed with features like POP3 and IMAP access, spam filtering, and anti-virus support. Its other notable specifications are domain and address blocking abilities, and no ads.

Best Free Email Service Providers

8. Zenbe

This email service integrates the social web, and has plenty of tools. It lets you connect and share files and comments with your team through its easy to use options. Zenbe Mail has calendars, Postini spam and virus protection, and provides free space of up to 5 GB.

Best Free Email Service Providers

7. Gawab

The Gawab’s best features are POP and IMAP access, 10GB of storage, virus protection, email forwarding, filters and folders, drag and drop functionality, contact manager, and others. This service is quick and easy for the users, and lets you get rid of fake and junk emails sent through anonymous IDs.

Best Free Email Service Providers

6. Mail

This is yet another free email service which is loaded with specifications like great security and spam protection. Moreover, it lets you access your email via a mobile phone, and customizes your inbox with various free options and apps.

Best Free Email Service Providers

5. Fastmail

The Fastmail is ad-supported. This email service lets the users enjoy 10MB of storage, POP3 access, and the address book storage is limited to 100 contacts. This is a nice service for personal use, but is loaded with ads. To get rid of advertisements, you have to get its premium account.

Best Free Email Service Providers

4. AOL

AOL is another fantastic free service. The company is operating proudly since a long. Its email service lets you enjoy virus-free account, support for IMAP and POP, free apps, and unlimited storage, in addition to 16 MB file attachment size limit. I must say this is an ideal service for the business and personal reasons.

Best Free Email Service Providers

3. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has come with loads of features. Its automatic filter helps you sift through search results, giving one-click access to documents, senders, and more. Yahoo tends to make its email service user-friendly all the time, this is why, it has left a feedback option with every account where you can share your comments for improvement.

Best Free Email Service Providers

2. Hotmail

Acquired by Microsoft, it has undergone several updates since it first emerged. Nowadays, Hotmail is one of the most trusted email services. It is featured with landmark Microsoft products such as Outlook. Security and anti-spam measures to make sure that you get least number of spam emails. This is truly a well-integrated email service of the era, offering 5 GB of storage space, a 10 MB limit on attachments, and other options.

Best Free Email Service Providers

1. Gmail

Undoubtedly, Gmail.com is the best free email service to date. It is integrated with its Google applications. This offers over 7 GB of storage space, an attachment size limit of 20 MB, text messaging, voice chat and video chat, filters, labels, email forwarding, and mobile access like marvelous features.

Best Free Email Service Providers

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