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Top 10 Best Free Software for PC in 2014-15

All of the PC users want best and reliable software. Sometimes we need free software to write and edit some works, while other times we have to craft professional presentations. Whatsoever the use of a software may be, but the fact is that most of the users don’t go with paid versions. If you are looking for some nice PC software, then here comes a list of top 10 best free software for PC in 2014-15.

10. Google Chrome

Google’s web browser has the Adobe Flash Player baked in as standard. This is one of the best free software for personal computer and laptop users. It has been brought forward with a number of features like tabbed browsing, excellent privacy controls and easy installation of different extensions from the Chrome Web Store. This boosts the functionality of the software. Using Google Chrome, you can easily sign-in to your account of Gmail. It is fast, easy, and reliable.

Best Free Software for PC

9. Microsoft Office Web Apps

This free software is one of the company’s biggest giveaways. With Microsoft Office Web Apps, you can have access to the core features of Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote without any cost via any of your web browsers. What you have to do is to just log on with your Microsoft ID for creating documents, and then edit them in your browser window.

Best Free Software for PC

8. Noreplyall

This is a well-versed extension that comes with plenty of features. It has two buttons to the Ribbon in Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013, and enables the users to stay protected online even when they are using a public computer. It also prevents people in the same organization from forwarding or clicking Reply to your sensitive information and documents.

Best Free Software for PC

7. Ribbon Hero 2

The Ribbon interface is another outstanding free software for PC users. It is an excellent step forward for Office 2007 and 2010. For those looking to get most of its features, should instantly install Ribbon Hero 2. The software monitors all your activities in the Office and gives suggestions during the work. You can learn a lot of things from Ribbon Hero 2 to enhance your professional documents.

Best Free Software for PC

6. Mozilla Firefox 26.0

If you don’t like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, it is too easy to switch to an alternative. I believe Firefox from Mozilla is the best option. It is a fast, flexible web browser having features like tabbed browsing, smart privacy controls, built-in spell checking etc. It also lets you add several fantastic plug-ins to the extension.

Best Free Software for PC

5. Adobe Flash Player

If you are looking for the best web experience, and want to view every website easily in your web browser, then install Adobe Flash Player. This is an easy-to-use and very effective software. Flash powers most Facebook games, YouTube, and various websites for the users.

Best Free Software for PC

4. OpenOffice

Microsoft Office is the common part of our lives. But if you think that you need something more productive, then go for OpenOffice. This is a free software that comes with all functions, in fact, additional performance options of Microsoft Office. This, thus, fulfill all the requirements of those who are fed-up of Office softwares.

Best Free Software for PC

3. Adobe Reader 11

If you work with documents regularly, then you need Adobe Reader 11. This free software lets you view all the pdf documents, and can convert them into word or jpg formats. It is more than just a reader, because it comes with file-to-file conversion options, and lets you sign the documents digitally.

Best Free Software for PC

2. Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. This tool lets you enhance your experience with Office 2000, XP and 2003. It helps you open, edit and save documents in the new 2007 formats of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This software is free of cost, and has plenty of other specifications as well.

Best Free Software for PC

1. Microsoft OffVis

This tool lets you examine legacy Office formats (doc, xls, and ppt) at the binary level. This is mostly used by those working on technical level. It has plenty of options that help you open the file, select the appropriate parser (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) from the Parser list and perform other functions.

Best Free Software for PC

Which software you use the most?