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Top 10 Best Freelance Job Sites in 2017

A freelancing job is now considered as one of the most rewarding and life-time opportunities. Various talented and skilled developers, designers, SEOs and writers have adopted the freelancing as their permanent career. It a worth of your time and you never have to leave the home for doing the job. So feel free to live at your own pace and enjoy working at the following top 10 best freelance job sites in 2017.

10. Smashing Jobs:

Smashing Jobs is a nice place to find programming, designing and writing jobs at. Here thousands of clients post their jobs and the freelancers can have a lot of work to do.

9. Simply Hired:

Working at Simply Hired for full-time or part-time is dependent upon you. If you want a full-time work and tired of the office jobs, then simply hired can let you have that chance as well.

8. Demand Studios:

Only the top notch, well experienced and highly professional freelancers can be hired by Demand Studios. If you are lucky to be one of them then making USD300 a week is not going to be tough for you.

7. Freelanceswitch Jobs:

If you are the perfectionist of you field then this is the ideal platform for you to initiate a freelancing career. Daily numerous jobs are posted here so you can have a great opportunity to make thousands of dollars by offering your services to the clients.

6. IFreelance:

IFreelance is yet another wonderful platform for professional freelancers. Here the photographers, writers, data entry workers, web designers and developers can get a lot of job opportunities.

5. iWriter:

iWriter is a freelancing place for article and web content writers. If you are a skilled writer and know how to make copyscape free and well engaged contents then you will never have short of work here.

4. People Per Hour:

People Per Hour has millions and billions of clients and freelancers at its list. As this marketplace has billions of freelancers so the clients only hire the ones who have better profiles and charming portfolio, so be ready to become a competitive individual to survive at People Per Hour.

3. Freelancer:

Freelancer is one of the biggest marketplaces for finding best and high paid jobs at. Here the work comes on the bidding system and the clients hire the individuals who showcase best portfolios and bid the lowest prices.

2. Elance:

Becoming a freelancer at Elance is just a sign-up form away, but getting work here is quite tough. With a wide range of job postings for all types of freelancers, Elance can let you make thousands of dollars weekly / monthly depending upon your capacity.

1. oDesk:

oDesk works just like Elance and Freelancer, but it is still the best as here the new-comers are even hired quite easily which is never possible at Elance. It is true that the competition at oDesk is high but the clients still give a chance to beginners to show-off their skills and professionalism. If you manage to have a wonderful profile and portfolio at oDesk then be ready to get hired and hired by the clients quickly.


  1. Hello!
    It’s quite a nice list, but I’d added a couple of websites if I were you. For example, here’s my favorite job board: https://www.xplace.com/. It has high rates, a wide range of job opportunities, and no commission fee. I’m sure there are people who find these conditions attractive.

  2. Hi,

    Dolancing (dolancing.com) is a very simple website to hire freelancers & to get freelance work online! It is launched few days back and is the fast growing community. You should check it 🙂


  3. If you are an Elite Business Freelancer, you should sign up (it takes less than one minute) on Skillbridge: http://www.skillbridge.co/

  4. Just a small thought…
    Although PeoplePerHour is overall very nice, it’s a shame to discover so obtuse fees. Most of them are extremely high and compel customer loyalty, but ok… they are clear and everyone using spontaneously the site have to accept the cons.

    However, I’ve just found out that there’s a hidden fee for international bank transfer of around 7-8%. So, for those who aren’t aware, you can pay up to $23 for each $100 earned on PPH (totaling all fees).

    I understand PPH may not directly profit with that, since, as they said by email, “These are extra fees that are removed from the intermediary bank and not from our side”. Nevertheless, they do delude the users not informing anywhere about conversion rates and clearly stating that the only fee for international bank transfer is £1.99.

    I really hope PPH low these fees down or, at least, stop hiding some of them…

  5. “You missed one Great Website for Freelance Jobs: Freelancertree[.]com
    Check it out. Happy Freelancing !!”

  6. Perfect selection.
    oDesk is the popular freelancing site.

  7. Good selection.
    oDesk is very good, but there a lot of disadvantages in the popular freelance platforms now.
    We’ve launched Localancers and I hope we’ll be somewhere in top 10 for the 2015 edition 😉

    I used to get works from them but, since two weeks ago, they´ve put my account under revision and don´t let me search for new jobs.

    They have told me that this could be for four reasons:
    Poor feedback ( I´ve 4.6 stars of 5)
    Take works from their platform ( I´ve given them my passwork so they can check all my conversations with my clients…)
    Low performance ( as I told, 4.6 stars. My lower rate was 3,8 and, the second lower, was 4.9 stars…)
    Disputes ( I don´t even open disputes with people that didn´t pay me, just to avoid to have problems with the wrong people, to keep my profile clean…)
    Complains…but after 5 mails and 6 chats with their help system, they still can´t tell me if somebody have complain about anything…)

    Also, they told me that, in order to start the review, I must close all my contracts…then, in another mail, they told me that they can do it and I don´t need to close long term contracs…in another mail told me that the revision have started….and then, in the next mail, told me that they can´t start my revision before I CLOSE my contracts….and I need to told that to even my newest clients.

    SO unprofessional. You can check my profile: DeLeoRey.
    But belive me. DON¨T USE ELANCE.