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Top 10 Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds in 2014

Cats are amongst the best and most common pets in the world. True that many cats are wild, but most of their population is peaceful and friendly in nature. Having cats and playing with them is the favorite activity of our children. This is might be the reason; many adults keep them at home to feel relaxed in their company. Once you have kept cats as pets, make sure you take good care of their living areas and diets so that they remain healthy. Let us check out the list of top 10 best & most friendly cat breeds in 2014.

10. Abyssinian Cats

Named after a country of Ethiopia, Abyssinian is a playful cat breed. These love their owners, and are born with a dark fur. As the cat grows up, its fur becomes lighter. These cats are somewhat shy so always need your attention. If you keep them at home, make sure you don’t ignore them because they get depressed very soon. These are very active cats and love playing in open areas.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

9. British Shorthair

British Shorthair is known for its abilities of adapting well to an apartment life. It means you can easily carry them from one apartment to another without the worry that if they would be able to adjust or not. These cats are quiet and friendly with their owners. If you are a first-time cat owner, then this breed can be your option because they aren’t harmful to their owners.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

8. Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll cats are known for their laid-back and gentle temperament. This cat is great for those who are looking for a lap cat. These are playful, and quiet in nature. The cats don’t harm their owners, in fact, are adaptable to changing environments and weather conditions.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

7. Javanese Cat Breed

The Javanese cats are playful, affectionate, and vocal. These are fond of playing in spacious areas so you can bring them to your garden or to a nearby park every evening for entertainment purposes. The cats are happy-in-nature and this breed is suitable for first-time cat owners in America, Europe, and Australia.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

6. The Sphynx

The Sphynx is a highly exotic cat breed. These are hairless cats, but not completely hairless. These actually have fine peach-like fuzz over their body, which makes them look sensitive. These cats shouldn’t be brought to sun and warm areas because they cannot survive in such climate. These are considered to be cuddly, energetic, and affectionate cats.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

5. Birman Cat Breed

The Birman cat breed is a highly beautiful cat type. These have semi long hairs, and their average life span is around 14 years. These cats have proved themselves to be lovable and affectionate pets. They don’t like living in areas with too much noise, so you can keep them with you if you own a calm personality. The cats stay quiet and know making their place in the hearts of owners.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

4. Siberian Cats

Siberian cats are also known as Siberian Forest cats. These are strong, powerful, and somewhat wild in nature. These are capable to make long jumps, so would prove to be friendly for your children. These cats also love to sit in your lap for hours. Usually these cats reach maturity after their five years life-span.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

3. Persian Cats

The Persian cats are known as easygoing and affectionate. These have relatively placid demeanor, and are good for your small apartments. These cats aren’t habitual of living in spacious areas, so don’t worry if you house is small. These cats require daily grooming to prevent mats. If you want to keep them home, make sure you provide them utmost attention, because ignorance can result their death.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

2. American Shorthair

These athletic cats have been descended from the British Shorthair. These are larger, leaner, and extremely powerful cats. They come in varying colors and patterns, and are capable to live over 15 years. The American Shorthair is great for your children, and is gentle in nature.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cats live in cold and dry climates. They have heavy furs that protect the cats from the severe weather conditions. These cats are very friendly in nature, and carry bushy tails. This cat survives 15-17 years, and is an ideal domestic cat.

Best & Most Friendly Cat Breeds

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