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Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Women in 2014

Fashionable outfits, trendy accessories and different hairstyles are made both for men and women. If you are a fashion curious female and wants to adopt some trendy and hot haircuts during this year then here are the top 10 best hairstyles for women in 2014.

10. Romantic Ponytail:

Best Hairstyles for Women

This romantic ponytail is ideal for young and energetic women. It will give you an amazing and beautiful look and with it you will definitely be able to impress you man on some special moments.

9. Elastic style low Ponytail:

Best Hairstyles for Women

If you are wondering of why it is named elastic style then let me tell you that this is just because in this low ponytail you will adjust a lot of elastic rubber bands and fancy pins into your hairs. The presence of so many elastic hair accessories makes your low ponytail look special.

8. Retro Haircut:

Best Hairstyles for Women

Retro style hairs are very much in nowadays. These haircuts are ideal for the young females. They give you a fabulous and wonderful look. You can also wear retro hairs at any party or occasion or even when you have to go to office.

7. Funky Hairstyle:

Best Hairstyles for Women

Funky hairstyle is suitable for women with thick and long hairs. This ensures to give you a beautiful and attractive look. This hairstyle can be made perfect by using fancy hair-clips.

6. Side-Swept Blowout:

Best Hairstyles for Women

The side-swept blowout is ideal for women with straight or bouncy wavy hairs. If you have any one of them then go with side-swept and adjust the hairs with a dryer machine or fancy small pins.

5. Urban Turban Hairs:

Best Hairstyles for Women

The urban turban hairs have been worn by different Hollywood celebrities. These are cool and bright, ideal to go with in summer. They are easy to handle and won’t let you feel odd or bored with your hairs.

4. Soft Textured Transforming Hairs:

Best Hairstyles for Women

The women with soft and silky hair are lucky enough because the soft textured transforming haircut will give them a unique and excellent look. These hairs are not too messy to make you feel irritated, instead they look awesome and can be adjusted with hair pins or even a small scarf.

3. Flapper Curls:

Best Hairstyles for Women

Many of the females love to wear curls. If you want curls in small, medium or prominent styles then flapper curl haircut is one of the best hairstyles for women in 2014. These curls will give you a cute and stylish look.

2. Rockabilly Dream:

Best Hairstyles for Women

The rockabilly dream hairstyle is suitable for women with soft and smooth hairs. No matter your hairs are long or short, this hairstyle will definitely suit your personality.

1. Braided Magic:

Best Hairstyles for Women

We have had been wearing braided haircuts in a lot of way, but now comes the braided magic in this year. This is a unique and modern-styled haircut to make you feel like a princess of your dream boy. To enhance your overall beauty, you can also go with small or prominent braids and can beautify your hairs with different fancy clips or hair pins.

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