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Top 10 Best Indian Bodybuilders in 2014-2015

The plight of sports other than cricket in India is nothing unheard of. It is always an exiciting feel to watch football and batminton on television. But when it comes to bodybuilding, India is known to have some fantastic bodybuilders who made this country feel proud. Let us see the top 10 best Indian bodybuilders in 2014-2015.

10. Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule is synonymous to bodybuilding in India. He completed his degree in electrical engineering from Pune. At the age of 32, he won Mr. Universe title in the 85 Kg category of World Bodybuilding Championship held in Bangkok, Thailand back in 2012. Other than this, Sangram also won several domestic and international championships.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

9. Ankur Sharma

Ankur Sharma belongs to Delhi. Be is one of the youngest and most energetic bodybuilders of India. He won a gold medal in the 2013 WBPF World Championship, and was titled Mr. India 2012. He also got 2nd place in Mr. India competition, 2013.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

8. Ashish Sakharkar

This man stands synonymous to the title of Mr. India. Sakharkar is taken as one of the most famous bodybuilders from Maharashtra. He gave outstanding performance at domestic and international level.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

7. Amit Chhetri

Amit Chhetri is an iconic Gorkha bodybuilder of India. He has been the winner of the Champions Federation Cup 2013. He weighs around 95kg, and was selected to be one of nine best bodybuilders between 55 and 100Kg.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

6. Neeraj Kumar

Neeraj Kumar is yet another young and talentd bodybuilder from India. He has bagged several championships, and topped the Mr. India 2013 with a gold medal. He also won a bronze at WBPF Mr. World 2013.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

5. Hira Lal

Hira Lal is pure vegetarian. This man managed to win the Mr. World 2011 in the 65 kg class. He has also gotten other various achievements as a bodybuilder.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

4. Murli Kumar

By profession, Murli Kumar was a sailor in the Indian Navy. He had never an idea of becoming an iconic bodybuilder. At the age of 31, he started work-out. Today, he has become one of the most inspirational bodybuilders of India. He performed fantastically at the Asian Bodybuilding Championship held in Vietnam in 2012.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

3. Suhas Khamkar

Born and brought up in a family of body bodybuilders, Khamkar had a bright chance to make his career in this field. After completing his studies, this muscled beast started bodybuilding, and participated in several championships. He has won Mr India, Mr Asia 2010, Mr. Olympia Amateur and 7 Times Mr. Maharashtra awards.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

2. Rajendran Mani

After serving in the Indian Air Force for 15 years, Mani decided to become a bodybuilder. He has both the Mr. India and Champion of Champion titles for over eight times. He weighs around 90 kg.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

1. Varinder Singh Ghuman

Varinder Singh Ghuman is another famous bodybuilder on this list. He is known for his gigantic physique. Ghuman won Mr. India in 2009 and was awarded 2nd place in Mr. Asia. He also bagged several gold medals.

Best Indian Bodybuilders

Have you ever watched the match of any of these bodybuilders? Do you love any of them? What are your views that who is the most outstanding? Don’t forget sharing your ideas with us.