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Top 10 best and most interesting Languages in the World

With the passage of time, we have changed the ways and styles of speaking different languages. Every country has the people speaking varying languages, somewhere these are only a few while in the other cases these are even more than we can imagine. Usually the nations like South Africa, USA, Canada and UK are the lands of multi-languages. Before we move to a country, we have to learn its native language so that our stay there can become interesting and easy.


It is quite tough to say which language is better than the other but yes we have here given an overview of top 10 best and most interesting languages in the world to broaden your horizon.

10. Mandarin:

Mandarin is a language of China, but also is spoken widely in parts of USA. More than 900 million Chinese are speaking Mandarin. Learning this language is quite interesting, but will be somewhat difficult for the non-natives.

9. German:

German is one of the dominating and most interesting European languages. It is the language of business in Germany. Not only this but also the people here are natives of this language. He who wants to travel there, shouldn’t miss to learn German language.

8. Japanese:

Japan is one of the countries with strong financial situation and well versed technological advancements. Japanese is a sweet language of Japan, also spoken in different other countries as well.

7. French:

French is a cultural and traditional language of China and France. These two nations have maintained the real spark of this language, which for the international people will sound tough to understand and learn.

6. Russian:

Russian language is a native of Russia, the economic superpower of the world. The people of this country speak and understand language both at household and business level. Russian language is considered as one of the most descent and significant to learn languages in the world.

5. Hindi:

Hindi sounds like Urdu but it is written in a totally different way and style. Hindi is a language of India and is spoken and understood in different other countries as well.

4. Portuguese:

Portuguese is a traditional language of Brazil, which has been originated from the combination of burgeoning Brazilian. The Olympics of Brazil have played their vital role in making Portuguese a worldwide recognized language.

3. Spanish:

Spain’s native language, Spanish, is quite interesting to learn and speak for the international tourists. Spanish language is a combination of some ancient languages and it is written in a totally distinctive style.

2. Urdu:

Urdu is a language spoken in Kashmir and Pakistan. This is a simple yet interesting language. The Muslim communities in different parts of the world mutually speak and understand Urdu extensively.

1. English:

English is the language of the world. All the individuals in native-English speaking countries and educated persons of other non-native countries know how to speak, write and understand this language. The world of internet has everything in English, so it won’t be wrong to say that English has now become Lingua Franca. This is a language of business, tourism and spoken in more than 400 countries in the world with proud.