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Top 10 Best iOS Games of 2014

With the passage of time, the role of technology in changing our lives has been essential. It is true that our survival without the tech gadgets, accessories, apps, and games is no longer possible. The games are a source of entertainment, and can be our good friends. If you are looking for some nice iOS games this winter, then let us have a look at the top 10 best iOS games of 2014.

10. Plunder Pirates (Free + IAP)

I must say that if there is something bigger for Rovio Studios than Angry Birds, then it is only the Plunder Pirates. This is a highly impressive piratical adventure game that is a blend of water-based treasures and user-friendly interface. You must check out this particular game to have fun.

Best iOS Games of 2014

9. Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is a fabulous car racing game. I must say it is one of the best games for iOS users. This has been loaded with kick-ass graphics, a plethora of cars, and excellent sound. The game is high-energy so be ready to rock your life.

Best iOS Games of 2014

8. Punch Quest 

In this game, all you have to do is to Punch! It is a nice game for our children. It carries loads of options and you have to use them to punch some ill-looking skeletons and other creatures who want to stall you.

Best iOS Games of 2014

7. Jetpack Joyride

Here you can get the chance to play Barry Steakfries. Find the first Jetpack and jet in this game. It is fully featured, and has excellent sounds to make you crazy. It’s riotously amusing.

Best iOS Games of 2014

6. Into The Dead 

In this game, there is a nice Zombie experience. It is, I believe, the best game to give you lots of fun. The game is packed with various twists, shocking moments, and frightening zombies.

Best iOS Games of 2014

5. Turbo Dismount (Free + IAP)

Turbo Dismount is a ragdoll-physics stairway tumbling simulator game. It has involved the creation of as many chaos as possible for you. So, have it on your device to enjoy this winter.

Best iOS Games of 2014

4. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (Free + IAP)

This FIFA 15 game is the latest installment from the FIFA franchise. It is just an outstanding game for iOS users. you can select your team, shuffle the players, and get engaged in an online match.

Best iOS Games of 2014

3. Flappy Golf

This is something to a rip off of the super hit games with the same theme. The Flappy Bird is very entertaining and intriguing. It has used side-scrolling courses of Super Stickman Golf series, but is unique in a lot of ways.

Best iOS Games of 2014

2. Frontline Command: D-Day

This third-person shooter game is another nice game for iOS users. It is enriched with excellent graphics, series of shooting-gallery segments, and nice running sequences. So, don’t miss to enjoy it.

Best iOS Games of 2014

1. Jet Car Stunts 2 

As is clear from its title, this game isn’t all about racing of super slick cars, but it is going to give you an experience of stunting the cars. It is loaded with many options, and the game graphics are nice enough.

Best iOS Games of 2014

Have you played any of these games? Do you love them? How has been your experience? Share the thoughts with us.