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Top 10 Best iPhone and iOS Apps of All Times

The main reason for the success of iPhones and iOS is the so many applications launched by Apple. The business of this tech company is growing day by day due to the fact that nowadays the users have countless free and paid apps available. Android has also launched various user-friendly applications, but the fact is that Apple is more dominating due to its superior quality apps and gadgets. Let us check out the list of top 10 best iPhone and iOS apps of all times.

10. Remote

This marvelous applications can be categorized as a multimedia-app. It helps you watch Apple television. This is an elegant app and can act as a replacement of ordinary remote controls. You can, using this app, control the functions of your Apple TV on an iPhone or iOS device.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

9. Triposo

It is true that there is no short of travel guides on the iPhone apps, but this particular application is the best of them. It has enough information about many destinations rather than of just few major cities. Triposo lets you access the data of a specific city or area, and provides you suggestions of which one would suit you the most as a traveler.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

8. PCalc Lite

This is another wonderful application for iPhone and iOS users. It is a free calculation application with elegant interface, alternate theme options, RPN mode, and conversion for speed, length, volume and weight. It has all the specifications to make your calculations easier and convenient. The app has a built-in calculator as well.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

7. Split Pic

Split Pic is a photography app. Its design is based around a gimmick, and it uses the said gimmick really well. The concept to use this app is that the users can ‘clone’ themselves into an image more than once by shooting the same picture many times as split scenes. This app has various other options as well. For example, you can merge, filter and design the pictures as per your desire.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

6. TodoMovies 3

This special app is suitable for those who are looking for fun. If you want to watch films or want to hear songs on iPhone, then have this app installed. This has many features related to movies database. It lets you download and save your favorite films and songs. You can even record the songs in your own voice with this app.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

5. Pocket App

Nowadays Read-it-later systems are getting worldwide fame, letting the users save web pages for offline use. Pocket app includes similar Reading List. This is available for iPhone and iOS users. It picks only the images and texts from the article automatically and arranges everything according to the suitability of the users.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

4. Paper App

This is a special iPhone app for those who love social networking. This app is especially ideal for Facebook fans. Its interface is modern and sleek, presenting a distraction-free environment so that you can read stories, chat with friends, and browse the internet for hours and hours. A US iTunes account is currently required for this application.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

3. Amplitube Free

This app can be named as an enterainment source. AmpliTube is a special capable virtual amp system, which boasts different kinds of sounds and tools so that the musicians get amazed with. If you love playing guitar, then you can adjust the strings with special colorful buttons. The app comes in a paid-version.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

2. Flickr

Flickr has changed many things in previous few years. This app lets you browse your friends’ photos, and you can also upload your own pictures to share with friends or other members of Flicker’s. You can even perform various editing functions along with adding filters to your pictures.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

1. eBay

eBay app makes your online shopping experience wonderful. It smartly works on iPhones and iOS and lets you browse various products and items so that you can enjoy fast and covenient online shopping. This is a beautiful business app with user-friendly interface, and various other options.

Best iPhone and iOS Apps

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