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Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders in 2014

Today’s job market is the toughest in recent years. With the tremendous increase in living costs, it is very tough for many of the students to prove themselves as star employees. There are tons of career options that allow students to be a beast at work while enjoying their lives outside the offices.

Here is the list of top 10 best jobs for degree holders in 2014:

10. Bookkeepers

The career as a Bookkeeper technically entails ensuring that your employer can keep their records updated. You can apply at multiple companies for this job, most of them require no experience. The amount of work the job entails varies from company to company, but usually you’ll have to meet the tight deadlines. This promotes you as a reliable employee and provides low stress with flexible working hours.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

9. Opticians

Optician is a medical professional who provides assistance to his patients to maintain eye health. This is a kind of technical job that requires you to hold a first-class degree in medical sciences with sufficient professional experience. The job presents high pays, and less stress of tough hours. You can either run a private clinic or can join a hospital; both full-time and part-time working options are available.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

8. Sports Coach

Being a sports coach is the optimal example of time flexibility. You can apply for a position at local game centers and sports clubs to have a myriad of time off to pursue other skills during off-season. Having 2-3 years experience is mandatory for the job holders, as experienced individuals can balance multiple teams at once. The job provides less stress and flexibility to choose from 20-40 working hours per week.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

7. Tour Guide

You can become a tour guide, and make best use of your knowledge about particular locations and city’s attractions. Tour Guide escorts guests around a location, and explains its importance and history. If you hold a degree in hospitality, various tourism industries are waiting for you. Working schedule for tour guides depends on the employer you choose. Archaeological and animal reserves are much dependent on the season, while other companies operate year-round.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

6. Fitness Instructors

Helping individuals reach their fitness goals is the basic responsibility of a fitness instructor. You can enjoy great work-life balance in this job, because it offers time flexibility and better earning opportunities. This field depends more on adequate certification rather than a graduate degree.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

5. Web Developers

As a web developer, you’ll create websites and blogs for the employer. Web developers are multi-facet “full-stack” individuals, who are known to have creative skills and strong mental abilities. The job provides great work-life balance due to the myriad of opportunities.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

4. Accountants

If you hold a degree in business or accounting, then find places where you can get hired. There is no short of opportunities for the right king of persons in this field. One of the best perks of the job is free gym membership.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

3. Academic Writers

Do you’ve grip over writing assignments and other academic papers? If yes then become an academic writer. This job’s salary start from USD3 to USD10 per page. There is no short of projects to access at various marketplaces and you can even join a freelance academic company.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

2. Managing Director

Holding a degree in economics or HR? If yes then you can become a managing director. The jobs remain available at multinational companies and other platforms. You can also join a start-up businessmen and help him achieve the goals so that you also get benefited from his profits in terms of better salary.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

1. Lab Assistant

For those who have enough experience in lab works and research-based projects can apply for lab assistant jobs at universities, medical labs, and computer labs. The job pays well and you can even enjoy one month paid vacations in a year.

Best Jobs for Degree Holders

If you’d been thinking to make a wise career change, the above jobs can be your option. Already doing a great job? Let us know how you maintain life with work, and how you consider yourself eligible to apply for a better paying job?