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Top 10 Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

There have had been various women who even don’t know how to choose the best makeup items for them. In an urge to look beautiful and attractive, most of the females bring home any cosmetic brand, without even knowing if it will suit their skin texture or not. As a result, such ladies suffer with blackheads, acne, and other skincare problems. While using makeup, you should be assured that it belongs to only reliable brands. Foundation, blemish concealer, and other makeup items have to be chosen wisely. For having a wonderful look, here are the top 10 best makeup tips for fair skin.

Best Makeup Tips

10. Use Clean Makeup Brushes

Many of us just ignore to use clean makeup brushes and sponges. As a result, the germs arise onto our skin and lead us face trouble. You should make sure that before you start the makeup, you’ve thoroughly cleaned your brushes. The best way to keep them hygienic is by washing them with tap water before every makeup. Don’t use your fingers during the makeup because it brings excessive bacteria in the skin cells.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

9. Check Makeup Ingredients

Don’t forget checking the ingredients of every single makeup item you use. This means whether you’re using best lipstick, nail paint, foundation, or anything else—just be assured of its natural ingredients and try to stay away from chemical-rich products. Many products say it is non-comedogenic, paraben-free, sulfate-free or oil-free, this can be good sign but be assured that they really mean what they say.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

8. Avoid Non-Natural Products

Sometimes the acne-causing products remain unnoticed. Make sure to avoid using an item that is rich in isopropyl isostearate, isopropyl myristate, myristyl myristate, lanolin oil, coconut butter or lauric acid. Such types of ingredients clog pores, and become the reason of blackheads and acne. This can ruin the natural structure of your skin.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

7. Use of Liquid Liner

The proper use of liquid liner is one of the trickiest things you’ll be doing during makeup. This needs to be learned by a beautician, because the liquid liners usually aren’t used well by inexperienced girls. As a result, they mess up their upper lashlines, and have to suffer with bad eye-makeup. An easy way to see if the liquid liner is good to go with you can use a taupe eyeliner pencil for tracing a light line just above your upper lashline. If you are confused in this regard, then don’t experiment with your eye.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

6. A Sheer Shimmer Powder

Many of the makeup artists suggest that one should sweep a sheer shimmer powder along the top of her cheekbones and under the temples. It is not necessary for all of us to make our cheekbones like killing, we can simply use red or pink shades for a wonderful look. You can also apply a peachy blush with the “cinnamon bun method”. It involves using circular motions with a soft brush.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

5. Use Light Strokes

Yes, you are strongly recommended to use light strokes while applying the makeup. Don’t try to press or stretch the skin because it can cause breakouts. Even if you are to apply excessive foundation or concealer, just make sure it covers the skin thoroughly and doesn’t look odd.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

4. Apply Lighter Layers

Of any makeup item you use, such as lipstick, eye-liner, cheek-shade, and foundation etc, just apply lighter layers. Avoid making your skin look heavy. Let the layers get settled before you apply a new one as this will help you avoid skin irritation and would be preventing the dreaded pancake face.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

3. Use Mattifying Products

Mattifying makeup items are great to hide blemishes and redness. When it comes to concealers, you should make sure that your skin doesn’t look highly bright. Just apply everything lighter for a great looking skin. Brightening products are only great for under-eyes, and should be given preference on night functions.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

2. Fill Dark Spots with Foundation

Having dark spots onto face is common in ladies. During makeup, you can easily fill them up with foundation. Make sure you apply the light and light layers of foundation using a soft brush until the spots seem to be disappeared. This will create a glowing skin and won’t let you feel ashamed due to those bad skin marks.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

1. Mascara shouldn’t be Old

Not only mascara but also all other makeup items should be a month or two old. This is necessary for you to use fresh makeup so that it doesn’t flake. The trick to look as sexy as an adorable celebrity is only possible when you change your makeup collection every now and then, remembering that the old or expired products will make you feel suffer by ruining your skin’s fairness.

Best Makeup Tips for Fair Skin

What do you do while applying makeup? Share your ideas with us!