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Top 10 Best Makeup Tips for Fall

As we’ve now set ourselves to say goodbye to summer and welcome the rainy season, the selection of makeup has to be done wisely. Using heavy foundations and blots of blush isn’t going to work any more. While choosing the makeup and even when you’re going to apply it, you must remember what goes best with the weather. Let me here tell you that summer’s makeup products won’t work nicely in fall or winter and vise versa.

Besides changing your current skincare products collection, you should remember the following top 10 best makeup tips for fall 2014.

10. Use Less Moisturizer

Here I am not going to suggest you at all to use excessive moisturizer, fall itself brings lots of wetness in weather, which is why, your skin goes oily. The moisturizer you choose to be used often, should belong to a quality brand, otherwise your skin will look like leather. Don’t let the sweat get out of your skin when you’ve worn the makeup.

Best Makeup Tips

9. S-P-F

Yes, you are absolutely right, SPF is all about the sun. Whenever you feel that the weather outside is too irritating, you are better to not expose yourself to direct sun-rays. It is true that sunburn is a common painful experience of summer, but this can even appear in fall in case you don’t care.

Best Makeup Tips

8. Protective Tanning Lotion

Now its time to remove the skin protective oils and creams from your dressing table and bring home a tanning lotion. Usually such lotions should be recommended by your skin expert, so that you can be assured of great quality. In case, you don’t have time to set an appointment with the skincare expert, just check the internet and see which brand of tanning lotion will suit your makeup requirements in fall.

Best Makeup Tips

7. Be Colorful

Let your eyes makeup glow and look shiny in this changing weather. The bright colors like red, purple, orange, maroon and others weren’t ideal to be used in summer, but as the fall is there, why don’t you change your selection. Nowadays, every one of us urges to look like a fashion model. If you also want the same for yourself, bring home bright eye-shades which are really in trend.

Best Makeup Tips

6. Avoid Excessive Makeup

Besides being unique, you’ve to avoid using excessive makeup even when it is of quality brand. Don’t make yourself look like a magazine’s model who is bound to use heavy makeup. The choice can be yours but if you’re skin conscious then don’t use too much makeup in this rainy season that can be the reason to originate pimples and wrinkles.

Best Makeup Tips

5. Wet Your Lips

Don’t quit wetting your lips just because weather has been changed. In fact, in every season you should keep your lips wet with either a light colored lipstick or chipstick—whatever suits you the most.

Best Makeup Tips

4. Avoid Using Multicolored Makeup Daily

For some special occasions and ceremonies it is alright to use multicolored makeup, but you should not use these things everyday. The reason is that the multicolored makeup products bring most oil and pimples to your skin, that can ultimately ruin its natural texture. So you are better to be choosy and make sure to avoid such kinds of makeup if you really love your skin.

Best Makeup Tips

3. Mascara Matters

Yes, it is true that mascara matters, because it highlights your prettiest features of personality. But this does not mean you are free to use excessive mascara, keeping a balance is must. You can elongate the lashes to have a youthful look, but handle this part of makeup wisely and don’t let your mascara ruin your face’s natural beauty.

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2. Waterproof Hairs

It’s just great to wear artificial hairs, but which one I should choose? Can you tell me? The waterproof hairs will protect your natural hairs in the same way your skin is protected with quality foundations and moisturizers. While you are using the waterproof hairs, be assured that you don’t use hair conditioner because that would give oily look to your hairs, not letting the artificial hairs get settled properly.

Best Makeup Tips

1. Don’t Forget Your Nails

If you’ve forgotten to decorate your nails then let me remind you to make them beautiful. Use the nail paint of the same shade as your lipstick. This will certainly create an appealing and attractive impact of your personality onto others. But be assured that the nail paint isn’t something to ruin nails’ natural shine and look. So bring home a quality collection.

Best Makeup Tips

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