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Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries in 2015

Every year, the daily farms produce million tons of milk that is imported and exported on a large scale. The milk and milk-based products are an instant way to obtain energy, and have become a necessity of our lives. Aside from buffaloes and cows; goat, sheep and camel are also the source of milk. Here is the list of top 10 best milk providing countries in 2015.

Best Milk Providing Countries

10. Turkey

Turkey has been a country with high percentage of milk production. Dairy products play a vital part in the economy of this state. According to an estimate, cows provide about 90% of the total milk produced in Turkey, the other animals being buffaloes, and goats.

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9. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best milk providing countries of the year. It has been exporting about 90% of its milk produced in the farms. The export business of New Zealand dates back to 1846, and the role of farms in this business cannot be ignored. The dairies of New Zealand showed massive growth in the 2010/2011 year with an increase of the number of cows from 132.000 to 4.5 million.

New Zealand

8. France

France has one of the best and well-established dairy farms in the world. There are around 15,600 farms that are responsible to produce milk on daily basis and 330,000 liters of milk is manufactured annually. The country has become stable in its farm industry over the years.


7. India

India is one of the best milk providing countries in the world. This state has a record of producing 54 million tons of milk back in 2012. The locals take good care of cattle and livestock. According to records, India, in the year 2009-10, produced 112.5 million tons of milk. This country has the biggest dairy program known as the ‘Operation Flood’ which is a project of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

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6. USA

United States of America is one of the major states with well developed dairy industry. With 51,000 dairy farms, America manufactures cheese, milk, yogurt and powder milk for infants. Out of these dairy farms about 97% are used by the families with pride. According to an estimate, USA produces 23 billion gallons of milk every year.


5. Germany

Germany is one of the best milk providing countries. It has large cattle herds with enough cows. Germany is known to sell cheap yet quality milk. It produces about 4.2 million of milk every year alone from its cows.


4. Pakistan

The livestock sector of Pakistan has been one of the major for many years. Milk, cheese and other dairy products are manufactured both on small and large scale. The people export and import milk of cows, thus prospering their own dairy farm business.


3. Brazil

Brazil is one of the best milk providing countries of the era. According to statistics, this country has 205 million cattle out of which 10% is the dairy producing cattle. Thus, it has the capacity of producing 1300 kg of milk per cow annually. Brazil is known to produce around 27.9 million liters of milk every year.

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2. Russia

Russia is best known for its non-profit organization (NPO) which was created in March 2008. This organization focuses on the availability of quality milk. Russia now has well enhanced dairy farms. Its milk industry makes about 20% of the economy of the state.


1. China

China is one of the best milk providing countries. It has around 14 million cows, and the government is interested to increase the annual milk production in a couple of years. The milk industry of China constitutes around 10% of its economy. The establishment of dairy farms is well supported by government and private organizations.

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