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Top 10 Best Moments of Oscar 2015

Getting an Oscar Award is like a dream comes true. This year’s Oscar 2015 proved to be a grand event with so many surprises, great performances, and entertainment for the attendees. The 87th Academy Awards took place on February 22 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The competition among the celebrities was very high. Below we are going to talk about top 10 best moments of Oscar 2015.

10. Lady Gaga’s Sound Of Music Tribute

Lady Gaga was dressed very well. Her performance at the night was rocking. She left everyone behind by winning our hearts with her Sound Of Music tribute. For this, Lady Gaga was thanked by the actress Julie Andrews.

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Best Moments of Oscar 2015

9. Neil Patrick Harris’ Opening Act

Neil Patrick has been famous for his amazing acts. His Broadway opening act was superb at the event. The Hollywood actor, singer, and performer, presented tribute to motion picture in this year’s Oscar act.

Best Moments of Oscar 2015

8. The ‘Glory’ Performance That Had Everyone in Tears

How can we forget to mention the ‘Glory’ from the film Selma performed by John Legend and Common. This left good impression on the minds of audience. Their heartwarming performance made everyone cry in the event including Chris Pine and David Oyelowo.

Best Moments of Oscar 2015

7. The Underpants Show

The Underpants Show was another great moment of Oscar 2015. Neil Patrick Harris was able to recreate the scene of the movie, Birdman like a boss!. Here he was wearing white tight underpants, and created a lot of humor during the performance.

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Best Moments of Oscar 2015

6. John Travolta’s Awkward Sneak Momment

Indina had taken her redemption by announcing John Travolta as ‘Glom Gazingo’. John has improved himself as compared to the previous years. He had messed up his face with weird touching, for which the host Neil later added ”Travolta will be back next year apologizing to Menzel again for all the face touching”.

Best Moments of Oscar 2015

5. When Meryl Streep Supported Patricia Arquette

The bold and beautiful actress, Patricia Aquette delivered a great speech during the show. It left the audience with much surprise and joy. She bagged the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, and thanked her fellow celebs and filmmakers for such an honor.

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Best Moments of Oscar 2015

4. When J.K. Simmon Made Us Call Our Parents

It seems that the Oscar 2015 has been full of speeches. After Patricia Aquette had won the hearts of everyone at the show, the speech of J.K. Simmon left a nice impression on the minds of audience. His “Call your mom dad” words were truly the ones to make us realize how much we love our parents.

Best Moments of Oscar 2015

3. Oprah Gets a Lego Oscar

Things were normal when Oprah got a Lego Oscar. Rock duo Tegan and Sara teamed up with The Lonely Island’s Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taconne and gave an outstanding performance ‘Everything Is Awesome’ from The Lego movie.

Best Moments of Oscar 2015

2. The Mystery Briefcase

The host of Oscar Neil Patrick Harris was able to add some spice to the show by appointing Octavia Spencer to guard a box full of Oscar predictions made by him. This was truly a joyful moment. It made us feel surprised because we didn’t know the names of those lucky winners of Oscar.

Best Moments of Oscar 2015

1. A Night of Social Awareness

Yes, this night was of social awareness. The stream of artists with great and inspiring performances and speeches alongside melodious songs made us realize that the show has been fantastic. The speeches of Patricia Arquette, JK Simmon, and others were just superb.

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Best Moments of Oscar 2015

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