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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Brands

Mountain bikes are highly fashionable bikes. These can be easily diverged from the other brands of bikes due to their attractive colors and glittering styles. If you love sports cycles, then there are many mountain bikes that can fulfill your requirements. Besides being good looking, these bikes are budget friendly, and have great features. Let us see the top 10 best mountain bike brands.

10. Merida

It is another famous brand of mountain bikes. Merida Industry Co, Ltd is popularly designing, manufacturing, and selling high-end bikes and cycles the world over. This brand is based in Taiwan, and was founded in 1972 by Ike Tseng. He was a talented engineer who founded the brand, Merida, which is nowadays dealing with hundreds and thousands of cycle varieties.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

9. Trek

Trek Bicycle Company is one of the leading and major corporations of bicycles and cycling products. It is known to supply its products under different trade names such as Trek, Gary fisher, Villiger Bikes, Electra Bicycle Company, Bontrager, Diamant bikes, LeMond Racing Cycles, and Klein. Trek was founded in 1976 by John Burke and it is headquartered in Waterloo; Wisconsin.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

8. Specialized

Now comes the turn of another great and famous cycle brand, Specialized. It is officially known as Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. It was founded in 1974.  Mike Sinyard is known as the founder of this corporation. Specialized Company is known for its bicycles and relevant products. It deals in import and export quality products.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

7. Cannondale

Cannondale Bicycle is a famous Canadian corporation. This brand is expert in supplying variety of bicycles. Cannondale is one of the largest and most advanced bike making company. It is headquartered in Connecticut, United States, and has its sub-offices in other parts of the world as well. The company was founded in 1971 by collaborative efforts of Joe Montgomery, Ron Davis, and Jim Catrambone.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

6. Kona

Kona is a popular bicycle company. It is based in Pacific Northwest, North America, and was founded in 1988 by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbronn. This brand has various offices across America, Switzerland, Canada, and other parts of the world. It has manufactured a complete range of bicycles for the girls, with a variety of designs and appealing colors.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

5. Scott

Scott is a highly desirable brand that is known to give you extremely great and reliable bikes. Scott USA is a Swiss Company which makes various types of bicycles, motorsports gear, winter equipments and sportswear. It was founded by Ed Scott, who was a worker of Sun Valley, Idaho, in 1958. For the first time, this brand manufactured ski pole with aluminum.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

4. Santa Cruz

At the top of the list comes the name of Santa Cruz brand. This company is based in California. Santa Cruz supports Santa Cruz Syndicate, a downward racing squad. It was founded in 1993 by Rob Roskopp and Rich Novak.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

3. Marin

Marin is one of the best and most popular brands of bicycle. It was established in 1986 by Bob Buckley in Marin County; California. It is specialized in mountain bikes, but also offers other types of products and bicycle accessories. This brand has manufactured some of world’s most expensive cycles. Many of its bicycles are named after various locations within and around Marin County.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

2. GT

GT is a famous brand of America, but is internationally recognized. It is basically a partition of Dorel Industries, which is an industry of Canada. It is known to supply high quality mountain, road, and BMX bicycles. GT Company was founded in 1979 by mutual collaboration of Gary Turner and Richard Long. In 1998, this brand got merged with Schwinn, but had split in 2001.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

1. Giant

Giant is another top ranked bike brand, and one of the most demanding bicycle corporations. It is known to cater you with classic bikes that are amazingly featured. Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd is based in Taiwanese and was founded in 1972 by King Liu. This company has its offices the world over such as in Taiwan, China and Netherlands.

Best Mountain Bike Brands in 2015

Which cycle brand you like the most??