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Top 10 Best Movies That Look Suspiciously Like Rip-Offs

There are hundreds of movies, nowadays, which are famous for their original themes and impressive stories. With a little digging, we can find some predecessors of those fantastic films, having similar stories and same plots. In such circumstances, the film with better cinematography and clear cut presentations win the hearts of the audience, even when they’re a plagiarized work. Let us check the top 10 best movies that look suspiciously like rip-offs.

10. The Blair Witch Project

This film was released in 1999. The movie is about a student’s life, and carries various horrible scenes. It can also be credited to launch the found-footage horror subgenre. On the other hand, The Last Broadcast was released one year before Blair Witch. The two movies look alike, carrying same stories, and same kind of scenes. The movie would have been more similar if the directors Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick had stuck to their original plan, and had worked on the pseudo-documentary in the style of Unsolved Mysteries.

10 Best Movies

9. Barb Wire

Pamela Anderson is one of the best American performers. This 1996 movie couldn’t win any award. Why? Just because the audience had found it to be a similar movie to that of Casablanca, a great love story made during World War II. The two movies had similar plot, and somewhat same style of performances.

Barb Wire

8. Oz: The Great And Powerful

This prequel to The Wizard of Oz has featured James Franco as the Wizard. He goes to tornado where he gets some well-meaning folks after unleashing the evil of the villain. The movie is similar to the Army Of Darkness. Both of the films share the same story, and very similar structure. In terms of stars’ performances, the Great and Powerful has somewhat better star-cast, but this doesn’t matter because the movie is plagiarized.

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7. The Purge

This 2013 horror film is about unexplored evils, and has scary scenes. Let me here tell you that this film is too similar to another movie named Settlers Day, which is a production of Douglas Jordan-Benel, and was submitted to Universal through United Talented Agency.

10 Best Movies

6. Plan 9 From Outer Space

This is one of the most known movies ever made. It is the story of aliens reanimating the dead to intimidate humanity. It has many weird and shocking scenes, and the film is similar to Invisible Invaders, a sci-fi horror film from the same year as Plan 9 from Outer Space.

10 Best Movies

5. The Island

Michael Bay’s 2005 film The Island is about an isolated community which is into organ-harvesting. One man meets the person he is cloned from while on the run. For this film’s script, DreamWorks paid USD1.5 million. Let me tell you that it is similar to another film named Parts: The Clonus Horror, which has the same story and same kind of stars’ performances. Caspian Tredwell-Owen wrote the script of The Island.

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4. The Hunger Games

This film’s story is one of the most controversial teen stories of all time. It captivated the attention of worldwide audience when they came to know that it is a plagiarized work, similar to the movie, Slashers, which is a 2001 B movie about game show contestants who are into killing of individuals.

10 Best Movies

3. Star Wars

The Star Wars is a science fiction movie. It was able to catch the eyes of worldwide audience, but is unfortunately a copy of another film, Silent Running. In 1977, the Universal Studios science-fiction series Battlestar Galactica had taken a suspicious look at the Star Wars knowing the fact that it is a copy of their original movie.

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2. Aladdin

Aladdin is one of the most famous children movies of Disney. This was released in 1990, and has been long known for its great graphics etc. This film is known for its awesome characters, but is a copy of The Thief and The Cobbler, which is a legendary animated movie, written and directed by Richard Williams.

10 Best Movies

1. Disturbia

This 2007 Shia LaBeouf film is about a teenager who has witnessed his neighbor committing murder. The movie got plenty of appreciations, but is a copy of Rear Window. The 1954 Alfred Hitchcock classic features the same setup of a suspected murderer, and his lifestyle.

10 Best Movies

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