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Top 10 Best Museums for Geeks in the World

It is true that in a way all museums are for geeks, because they have the monuments of history, science, and technology etc. The museums are greatly helpful for the visitors to know about the traditional and cultural histories of different states. Some museums contain the monuments only of a specific area/person, while the others carry international monuments. Let us explore the list of top 10 best museums for geeks in the world.

10. Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

This museum is situated in United States. It has been nestled behind and between two shopping malls. The Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is spread in an area of 5500 square feet. What makes it unique is the horror vacui style decoration having old arcade games, automata, model airplanes, vintage fans, and other objects. The museum’s collections are over 50 years old and belong to the pharmacist Marvin Yagoda.

Best Museums for Geeks

9. Titan Missile Museum

The Titan Missile Museum is situated in Arizona, United States. It is known to have the wide collection of megaton missile silo from the Cold War. This is a highly captivating and attractive museum. It is located in the middle of the Arizona Desert and was founded back in 1982. The museum has the largest nuclear missile silo in the continental US, and several other objects.

Best Museums for Geeks

8. National Center for Electronic Games

The National Center for Electronic Games is situated in New York, United States. This museum’s full name is “The National Center for the History of Electronic Games”. It is found at the Strong National Museum of Play. This museum has been dedicated to the monuments of over 20,000 historical games and consoles. Also here there are many video games, 5,000 children’s educational games, and hundreds of other such things.

Best Museums for Geeks

7. Mundaneum

This museum is located in Belgium. It is one of the most famous museums, dedicated to Geeks. The Mundaneum was opened in 1910. This museum has a wide collection of the world’s knowledge on neatly organized 3 x 5 index cards. Also here you can find the monuments of Belgian lawyer Paul Otlet and Nobel Peace Prize winner Henri LaFontaine. The museum is well classified into different categories and sections for the tourists to have maximum exposure.

Best Museums for Geeks

6. Pirate Soul Museum

The Pirate Soul Museum is situated in Florida, United States. This museum has been dedicated to the collection of music and movies of pirate bay. Founded by entrepreneur Pat Croce, the Pirate Soul Museum is one of the largest and most authentic collections of pirate artifacts in the world. This museum is worth checking if you’re a lover of pirate artifacts.

Best Museums for Geeks

5. Niagara Science Museum

This is another famous museum of New York, United States. Its name might sound boring to you, but the museum is actually not. It has been dedicated to a vast array of historic and antique scientific instruments. The museum has covered science monuments from the period of 1870 – 1930, so you’ll always find something interesting here.

Best Museums for Geeks

4. Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum, as is clear from its name, has been dedicated to the monuments of computer. It is situated in California, United States. This is one of the best Silicon Valley museums. It has a fully functional replica of the original ‘Difference Engine’ by Charles Babbage. Also this museum has various other things to let you know the insights of computer revolution.

Best Museums for Geeks

3. Svalbard Seed Bank

This museum is located in Norway. What makes it special is the so much collection of gene and genetic diversity of major food crops. This museum has also stored green gene banks, and some genetic codes that belong to living organisms. The museum is worth checking for those who are in the medical profession.

Best Museums for Geeks

2. Pacific Pinball Museum

The Pacific Pinball Museum is situated in California, United States. Once called Bagatelle, it was descended from billiards and other table games of the mid-1700s. The museum has a wide collection of mid-70s. Here you can view over 90 “playable monuments, and historic pinball machines, in addition to the bells and whistles of the greatest models.

Best Museums for Geeks

1. Maison d’Ailleurs

This museum is situated in Switzerland. It has been dedicated to the monuments of science fiction, utopias, and futurism. Its archives have approximately 70,000 documents related to science fiction and books, art pieces, toys. Here there is much to explore and enjoy, so you should not miss to view the historical monuments of this museum.

Best Museums for Geeks

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