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Top 10 Best and Must Watch Asian Movies in 2014

Watching a movie has always been an interesting part-time activity. Asian movies, as compared to the Hollywood movies contain much more musical attractions, thus are loved equally as Hollywood films. Let us take a look at the list of top 10 best and must watch Asian movies in 2014.

10. Kenshin

Must Watch Asian Movies

Kenshin is one of the most anticipated Asian movies in 2014. The story of the film is about Ronin Kenshin and how he meets his friends during a journey. This Japanese movie’s trailer reveals that it is going to be the great fun. The release date of the movie was 1st August or September 13.

9. Im Sang-soo’s For Us There’s No Today

Must Watch Asian Movies

This is a Korean social film, directed by Im Sang-soo. He has tried his best to continue exploring the inequalities of our social lives and reflect them in a better way in his movie. The consequences of 2008 economic crisis have been represented in this film. In all this, the director urges to give a distinctive place to the women in society.

8. Target

Must Watch Asian Movies

Target is another great South Korean movie. As we know that last yeas South Korean cinema had produced Cold Eyes which was actually a remake of Hong Kong thrill movie Eye in the Sky. But now Target is another remake of a French thrill film.

7. When Marnie was There

Must Watch Asian Movies

2013 had been a year with lots of movies from Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata. The current year also is expected to see young director Hiromasa Yonebayashi coming back, 4 years after Arrietty. After getting inspiration from a British book, When Marnie was There is finally ready to rock the cinemas. The story is about a young shy girl who was sent to a village where she has to meet a strange females, Mani. This is where the story takes a starts from. The film was released on 19th July, 2014.

6. Futureless Things

Must Watch Asian Movies

Futureless Things is a great Korean movie, and hopefully to become a big hit of the year. The film is directed by Kim Kyung-Mook. Its story is all about a 24-hour style drama, and like to be a strong competitor for Faceless Thing (2005) and Stateless Things (2011). It stars Gong Myung and Hello Venus’ Yooyoung.

5. The Monkey King (Da nao tian gong)

Must Watch Asian Movies

The Monkey King is an upcoming Hong Kong film directed by Cheang Pou-soi. The movie stars Donnie Yen, who has also served as the action director of the movie. The story is based upon the shenmo fantasy novel Journey to the West, a Chinese novel written by Wu Cheng’en. The movie was released on 31st January and is one of the best Asian movies in 2014.

4. Wake Up, Girls! (Anime)

Must Watch Asian Movies

Wake Up, Girls is a powerful movie of the year. The story tells about the Green Leaves Entertainment which is actually a production company of Japan. The film is featured with the vocal talents of Airi Nagano, Kaya Okuno, Mayu Yoshioka, Minami Tanaka, Miyu Takagi, Nanami Yamashita, and Yoshino Aoyama.

3. Hot Young Bloods

Must Watch Asian Movies

This Asian movie has been directed by Lee Yeon-woo. It’s a Sourh Korean film. The movie’s romantic story is based on the early 1980’s times of Heongseong, depicting love and friendships of high school students. Hot Young Bloods released in January, 2014.

2. The Snow White Murder Case

Must Watch Asian Movies

The story of The Snow White Murder Case is about Miki Shirono who works at a cosmetics company. He is being suspected to have murdered his co-worker, Noriko Miki. The film stars Mao Inoue, Go Ayano, Nanao, Nobuaki Kaneko, Erena Ono, and Mitsuki Tanimura. It was released on 29th March, 2014. Unfortunately I could never find its English version.

1. Dante Lam’s That Demon Within

Must Watch Asian Movies

It remained one of the most anticipated Asian movies in 2014. The movie has been directed by Dante Lam, who was behind The Beast Stalkers, Fire of Conscience—the interesting thrilling movies in past few years. Danta Lam’s That Demon Within is another great presentation of this director. The story is about a police officer who saves a violent gang leader, but struggles between his duty & emotions.

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