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Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

A woman’s beauty is depicted by the style of costume she wears and the makeup she uses. Just like stunning dresses, the branded makeup items also matter a lot. A quality nail polish is the one that contains nail-friendly ingredients and promises to not ruin the natural shine and structure of your nails. Painting the nails is actually an art that requires a lot of attention. The beauty salons give your nails a look that is unmatched. Here are the top 10 best nail polish brands in 2015.

10. Revlon

Revlon is one of the leading cosmetic, fragrance, and personal skin care brands. It also offers numerous nail enamels. The brand is committed to provide the customers with high quality nail polishes. The shades of its nail paints are elegant and highly impressive. You can choose from a variety of shades like from girlie glitter to black leather.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

9. Nars

Nars is another trusted and reputed nail polish brand. Its nail polishes come with complete UV protection and prevent the discoloration of your nails. The company has maintained its customer-base for many years, and offers tough, durable chip-resistant finish in most of its nail polishes.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

8. Essie

Essie is a widely renowned brand that gives smooth and appealing finishes of nail polishes. It promises to offer contemporary, fashion forward colors that are highly captivating and suitable for all the occasions. The company comes with new colors constantly and season after season it brings some great nail paints.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

7. RGB

RGB is a prestigious brand. It deals in modern skincare, makeup, and beauty products. Its nail polishes are health-friendly and free of any carcinogenic material. Its shimmering, chip resistant nail paints contain no dibutyl phthalate, camphor, toluene or formaldehyde resin. The company brings forth various classic and contemporary stylish colors of lipsticks and nail polishes.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

6. OPI

OPI is one of the best selling brands in the world. It is the abbreviation of Odontorium Products Inc. This company is renowned to deal in professional nail care products. Since a long, it has enjoyed great sales. The company devotes itself to provide cost-friendly products and the nail polishes of OPI have exceptional formulas.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

5. Chine Glaze

China Glaze is the leader in Professional “Nail Lacquer and Treatment” industry. The company offers widest range of colors in nail polishes. It also brings forth color-free nail paints, and long-wearing lacquers along with hardeners and essential treatments. The company’s products are being sold the world over with proud.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

4. Bobbi Brown

If you want to give a perfect and attractive look to your nails, then the products of Bobbi Brown are matchless. This brand offers plenty of shades in nail polishes. Its items are long lasting, easy to use, and can dry quickly. The ingredients used are nail-friendly, and promise to not harm the natural structure and color of your nails.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

3. CND

CND lets you should off your artistry with its wide range of nail polish. This is an internationally reputed brand and is highly devoted to advance nail care industry. It lets you have contemporary and reliable products. The beautiful nail paints, and impressive nail colors of this brand expose well your level of creativity and charm.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

2. Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen is a pioneer in producing nail protection formula that makes sure that your nails’ structure is not ruined at all. This brand deals in outstanding nail care items. Sally Hansen nail polishes give your nails a smooth and beautiful look. Other than this, the brand’s products are long lasting and nourish the nails in the best possible way.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

1. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is a leading brand that deals in cosmetics and makeup items. It has long maintained its repute in the world. The company’s nail enamels come in different patterns and shades, promising to give your nails an appealing look. It has a wide collection of nail polishes and nail care items. This brand is committed to offer luxurious products that are diverse in range and of high quality.

Best Nail Polish Brands in 2015

Which brand is your favorite?