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Top 10 Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

The New Year Eve is a time to count blessings, make fun, and be ready to welcome another year into our lives. For many of us, this evening remains incomplete without the benevolent sounds of live music. If you love to make the night rocking and have plans to go for a concert, then here are top 10 best New Year Eve concerts 2014.

10. The Varsity Theater Concert

The Crystal Ball New Year’s Eve 2015 will feature delicious meal, whole night dance, non-stop music and others. This is going to held at the grand atrium of the International Market Square, a spacious location that is enough for over 2000 individual. So, book your reservation for it before it’s too late. The special solo performance is also going to held.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

9. The Skyway Theatre Concert

The mod punks Frozen Teens will call it quit on New Year Eve. This is going to be a crazy night at the Skyway Theatre. It features with Hex with Waveless, Dishpit, and Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

8. Hexagon Bar’s Concert

Here is another lovely concert for New Year Eve’s music lovers. The most special things going to happen here are the performance of Mike Mictlan and Tender Meat. Their debut Four Fists performance at the Triple Rock in 2013 was a remarkable New Year Eve show. So, don’t miss to catch them at the Hexagon Bar.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

7. Turf Club Concert

The concert of Turf Club is also going to be highly inspiring. Here you will have a lot of entertainment till the clock ticks 12:00 am and there is a warm welcome to new year, but the celebrations will remain hot the whole night.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

6. Fine Line Music Café Concert

If you are at this café for a dinner, then don’t miss to catch the attractions of New Year Eve. A free dinner set by Tim Sparks & Friends (feat. Phil Heywood and Tim O’Keefe) is going to be offered. So, join this venue and enjoy.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

5. Icehouse Concert

With Jon Wayne and the Pain and the Limns, the concert at Icehouse is going to be marvelous. There will be several music bands that are going to make you crazy the whole night. Cultivate your sexual needs by seeing some seductive ladies dancing at the dance floor.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

4. 7th St. Entry

The 10 Thousand Sounds headliners return home for enjoying this great show that is especially held at New Year at 7th St. Entry. This is going to be a small yet marvelous place with bundles of entertaining activities like music, live DJ performance, and hot beauties’ dances.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

3. International Market Square

The celebrated L.A.-based dubstep DJ Datsik would definitely turn your boring night into a rocking one. So, don’t miss to catch your friends at the International Market Square. I can say for sure that you won’t be short of fun and entertainment.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

2. Cabooze Concert

Make your entry at the Cabooze concert must if you want some non-stop entertainment the whole night. Trust me, this is going to be a big year celebration with many activities like music, dance, and cost-friendly dinner.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

1. Brandi Carlile

The alt-country songstress from Seattle has already sold out her Varsity show on the 30th. Now you can see this lady making fun and entertaining the guests at the Brandi Carlile place. Her new record, The Firewatcher’s Daughter will also be played, so don’t miss to catch her at the venue.

Best New Year Eve Concerts 2014

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