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Top 10 Best New Year Eve Destinations 2015

Stay calm, plan ahead and be prepared to welcome the new year 2015. This is the time to say goodbye to 2014, and plan something nice and better for the next year. We all should learn from our mistakes done during this year, and promise ourselves that we won’t repeat them. This is my advice to you to move ahead with new hopes and motivation, and determine how long you have to go for finding your destination or for achieving your dream. Don’t worry what is left in this year, and plan to rework on it during the next year. If you have to go for a lovely new year eve, then here are top 10 best new year eve destinations 2015.

10. Tokyo, Japan

With the celebrations lasting for over a week, Tokyo is the ideal place for new year eve. It is where you can enjoy lovely nightlife experience, or find a temple for prayers. The city’s Meiji Shrine is well worth a visit. Here the restaurants remain open the whole night, and special new year desserts and meals are offered, along with the delicious wine.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

9. Koh Phangan, Thailand

For a fancy celebration of new year under swaying palm trees and a starlit sky, Thailand’s Koh Phangan is where you must go. It is a less populated and hugely famous destination in the world. The lovely new year celebrations of this city attract the attention of worldwide tourists. Just don’t forget your swimsuit to enjoy moments at the beach point.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

8. New York, USA

New York is one of the biggest and most famous cities of USA. This is a city that never sleeps, and on new year eve, it remains full with tourists and locals who come out of their homes and hotel rooms to spend the whole night with friends. The city has many attractions to make you a fan such as Times Square, temples, restaurants, nightclubs, and other points.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

7. Niagara Falls, Canada

Pretty much one of the major new year’s celebrations are held in this city of Canada. Here special winter festivals are held the whole month of December. The streets and roads are decorated with glittering lights and special new year events are held at the clubs. There are special firework displays of this city that regularly attract crowds in excess of 30,000.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

6. Sydney Harbour, Australia

Arguably, Sydney Harbour is one of the best New Year extravaganzas. This city of Australia provides a lavish experience to the tourists. Some of its highlights are immense firework displays, dance shows, DJ performances, and parade of tall ships across the harbor. If you are luckily here, then you won’t be short of exciting new year activities the whole night.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

5. Singapore

This is another nice city for special new year celebrations. The city arranges some nice activities for the tourists like dance performances, gorgeous firework displays, and restaurants of Singapore serve some of the finest meals to the guests at cost-friendly prices.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

4. Paris, France

No New Year’s celebration list can be completed without mentioning the name of France’s major city, Paris. This is one of the best and world’s most romantic cities. Get your evening off to a great start in Paris’s bars and clubs. Make a trip to a nearby restaurant, and enjoy delicious meal. For the youngsters, Paris has many options of nightlife.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a major city of Scotland. It is known for its great hospitality. This is, no doubt, the spiritual home of New Year celebrations. If you prefer the party for the whole night, then make a trip to a closest nightclub and enjoy the company of your beloved. In another case, a long drive, or a romantic dinner will also be great.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Your fancy new year celebrations remain incomplete until you visit Dubai, a big attraction of UAE. Featuring a live band, DJ, belly dancing, Sheesha smoking, international buffet and BBQ, Dubai’s special parties are on a huge scale. The entry fee is going to be little high, but be assured of the awesome and lively new year eve experience.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

1. London, UK

Doubtlessly, London, United Kingdom, is where you shouldn’t miss to go. Up to 250,000 international tourists visit this city for lovely new year celebrations. With bars, pubs, clubs and popular attractions aplenty, London has plenty of festivals to keep you busy the whole night.

Best New Year Eve Destinations

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