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Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

Bangkok nightlife is legendary and is known for its quality of entertainment. This land has no short of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants which you can visit with your family and friends for having lots of fun. The mega-clubs and underground haunts of Bangkok attract hundreds of visitors every night. For having fun at this place’s nightclub, you must learn some dance because once you step into any of them, you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting amazed and excited. This beautiful place has every niche musical movement, from classic hip hop to funky vocal house and even drum ’n’ bass. If you’ve plan to explore its adorable nightlife at a club, then here are the top 10 best nightclubs in Bangkok.

10. Jazz Happens

If you happen to visit Bangkok, don’t miss the chance of visiting Jazz Happens nightclub. It is perhaps the oldest and one of most popular nightlife experiences you would have in this beautiful place. What you can enjoy here is simple pop music, live music concerts, sexy beauties dancing on the floor, and delicious wine. The club is situated on Phra Atit Road. This cheap yet amazing nightlife experience is something one should never forget.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

9. Levels Club & Lounge

Level Club & Lounge is situated in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. It is a relatively new name in this land’s history, but it has arrived in a fashionable way and always amazes the guests with welcoming atmosphere and lot of fun, this is why, it got fame in a shorter timeframe. With a rooftop lounge and two club rooms, Levels has covered lots of musical ground: funky beats on terrace, R&B hits in main room, and house and techno in the cavernous box. It is a highly attractive point with special events held every weekend.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

8. Ku De Ta

KuDeTa (or Ku De Ta) is one of the most high-profile nightlife places of Bangkok. The lifestyle and entertainment at Ku Da Ta seems to be never ending. It is not only a club, but also has indoor restaurant, and music halls. It is situated on 40th floor of the mammoth Sathorn Square Building and has an uninterrupted cityscape from its windows, giving an edge to your experience. The club also has a central cocktail bar and separate champion-drinking area.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

7. Diplomat Bar

Diplomat Bar is an elegant, upscale nightclub of Bangkok. It is situated in Conrad Hotel, in the heart of Bangkok. Reaching this entertainment spot is very easy. If you are a newcomer you can even hire a taxi which will drop you directly to the front-door of Diplomat Bar. Its soft silk couches, striking round bars and wood interiors make it a must see tourist place. The best time to go there is from 9pm to 2am. The club remains open the whole night on weekends for having a very classy cocktail ambiance.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

6. Glaz Bar Chidlom

Glaz Bar is where chic and contemporary have taken central state. It is situated in Plaza Athenee Hotel. The club is a perfect place for the youngsters looking for great nightlife experience in Bangkok. Its interiors are well beautified with deep green marble floors, blue downlights and jet-black shiny surface. This club remains open the whole night, and serves the visitors with cocktails, Thai-inspired Tapas and snacks, in addition to live jazz performances.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

5. Demo Nightclub

Located at Thong Lor, Bangkok, Demo Nightclub is best known for its international DJs and hard house music. Most of its crowd ranges from students to young professionals who are looking to spend lovely time out. This club is easily approachable from Thong Lor Street, and Funky Villa. It remains full with youngsters the whole week. The nightclub serves the guests with techno and free entry, besides providing them cost-effective champion. Also here you can enjoy music concerts, and live performances of sexy girls the whole night. Having an I.D. is must here.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

4. Grease Nightclub

Grease Nightclub comprises of four unique floors. This club is one of the best venues for youngsters and nightlife lovers. Here you can enjoy hardcore clubbers, live DJ performance, and rooftop stargazers. The club is featured with a restaurant, dance venue, live music bar and a tree-lined rooftop lounge, and separate area for drinkers. Grease Nightclub is located on Sukhumvit Soi 49, in the Piman 49 Complex opposite Samitivej Hospital.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

3. Bamboo Bar Riverside

Bamboo Bar is yet another must visit nightlife places of Bangkok. It is an internationally recognized club, featured with discerning jazz fanatics, live performances, sandy tones, palm fronds and furry patterns for making you feel excited. The hustle and bustle inside the club premises will certainly make you feel amazing. Its lovely and relaxing jungle-theme ambiance oozes style. This club remains open from 9pm to 4am, so you can choose your hours to go there.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

2. Saxophone Pub

Saxophone Pub is known to deliver good music, food and services with a different jazz band to the guests. The club also plays songs of combination of jazz, blues and old classics, as well as live DJ performances are also held. Its beautiful interior is bedecked with jazz paraphernalia, record labels and a mezzanine level overlooked the whole stage of the main hall.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

1. Slim & Flix

Slim & Flix is a favorite place of youngsters in Bangkok. If you love spending the whole night in a hot and sexy environment, then nothing is better than this club. Here RCA (Royal City Avenue) is a designated party street having several bars on both sides. Slim & Flix is one of the best Thai-style clubs in Bangkok. You can go there ant time from 10pm to 4am. The club remains open throughout the week, and is a lovely place to have entertaining night.

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

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