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Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai

Spending time at a nightclub has always been interesting. It brings lots of fun and evening entertainment for the visitors. This is why, the developed states focus more on the making of such entertainment venues for the tourists in order to boast the tourism industry to much extent. Almost every city or country has its bars and nightclubs, which remain open from 9:00pm – 3:00am Monday through Saturday, and are closed Sunday. If you’re in Dubai and looking for a nightclub for a lovely time, then here are the top 10 best nightclubs in Dubai.

Rock Bottom Café

10. Boudoir, Dubai Marine Beach Resort

This French style nightclub is situated in Dubai Marine Beach Resort. It has everything to entertain you as a guest. The best time to go there is from 10 pm to 4 am. During the weekends, Boudoir remains full with visitors. It is really a club with a uniquely extravagant atmosphere that has made it popular among the celebrities and this is why it is like the city’s delight.

Boudoir - Dubai Marine Beach Resort

9. Zinc, Crown Plaza Hotel

Zinc is another great nightclub with plenty of entertainment ideas for you. It has interesting games, indoor rides, swimming pool, and plenty of play mates that make this Crown Plaza Hotel’s nightclub a destination for foreign tourists. The DJs bounce live music throughout the night and sexy girls rock the floors, creating a wonderful environment.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai

8. Irish Village

Irish Village is Dubai’s famous bar and nightclub being visited by hundreds of people every night. If you are looking for fun at a traditional pub, then Irish Village has everything to make you feel excited. Besides providing you a chance to enjoy the dancing beauties on the floor, you can also join them and participate in singing and dancing. Also the pub grub is just simple and heart-taking.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai

7. Trilogy – Madinat Jumeirah

Trilogy is another great and famous nightclub of Dubai. It is situated in Madinat Jumeirah and has a distinctively Moroccan feel to it. The club has been divided into 3 levels depending upon the requirements of the visitors. Such as one section remains full with dance lovers, another section has world’s top DJs, while the third section is for club-game lovers.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai

6. Submarine

Submarine is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This nightclub of Dubai not only amazes you with its seductive dance performances and music concerts, but also it has separate portions for games and wines. You can taste some special wines at this club, which has curved walls and portholes to create a wonderful environment.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai

5. Peppermint Nightclub

The Peppermint Nightclub is situated on one of the easily approached roads of the city. It is featured with best of international DJs, hot and sexy female dancers, delicious champions, and disco floor. This club is one of the places in Dubai to groove to the latest hits, rock, pop, and fusion. Here you can have lovely time.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai

4. Lotus One

Lotus One has a repute to entertain its guests with a fusion of fresh seductive sounds, sensual Asian flavors and cutting edge designs. This nightclub has varying games and serves the visitors with delicious wines the whole night. The best time for visiting this club is from 11pm to 3am when the party remains at its peak.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai

3. Mix, Grand Hyatt

Mix of Grand Hyatt is featured with international DJs, dance floors, separate game floors, and champion serving areas. This vast ‘superclub’ also has a chill out lounge for the guests. It is where you should bring your beloved for having a romantic night out. The club is decorated well and has a chic lounge on the mezzanine level with a separate DJ and a soundproofed bar upstairs.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai

2. Chill Lounge

Those who are fond of visiting Bur Dubai should forget about it because now Chill Lounge is a great fun place. This nightclub remains open from 8pm to 4am. It is a highly striking club located on top of the Royal Ascot Hotel. This nightclub is featured with well performing DJs, dancing divas, and other talented individuals who remain busy the whole night in entertaining the guests.

Chill Lounge

1. Rock Bottom Café

Here comes the finest nightclub of Dubai, Rock Bottom Café. It is not only a club but also a fun making dine-in place with everything managed in American style. It is a bar plus restaurant, serving the guests with live music performances, sexy dances of the girls, and of course delicious cuisines.

Rock Bottom Café - nightclub of Dubai

Which other nightclub/bar you love across the world? Let us know!