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Top 10 Best Nightlife Cities in the World in 2014

Spending the time out in the company of our beloveds is the dream of every one. The youngsters give high preference to nightlife and nightclubs for entertainment purposes. The excitement at these places seems to be never ending, starting from 8pm to 4am. This means you have a great chance to enjoy the whole night dancing and drinking with the friends. Let us check out which are the top 10 best nightlife cities in the world in 2014.

10. Tel Aviv

Given the ongoing controversy with Palestine, Tel Aviv, a city of Israel, offers you a chance of enjoying great nightlife. Here you can find several clubs that remain open from 11pm till early in the morning. Dancing, singing, and drinking are the major activities you can enjoy at any of the nightclub at this city. The visitors always have great fun making ideas, and can enjoy lovely time with their beloveds.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

9. Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the major tourist attractions of Turkey. It lets you have party in both Asia and Europe and is a highly populated city. Istanbul is known best for the wild shenanigans in Taksim Square. Here there is no short of clubs and bars, where a diverse population of Americans, Europeans, Middle Easterners and Asians and party together.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

8. Buenos Aires

This is a great and must visit city of Argentina, famous for its museums, restaurants and nightclubs. The party at this city’s clubs does not start before midnight. In Buenos Aires, it is a common habit to make fun and enjoy dancing until 6 am in the morning. World’s famous DJs feel pride to perform in the clubs of this city. Here there are various bars offering excellent entertainment including singers, dancers and musicians.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

7. Chicago

Chicago is not unknown to any of us. This city has a long history of being famous for its marvelous tourist points and upscale nightclubs. Chicago, in USA, is the hub of nightlife lovers. The clubs here remain full with youngsters the whole night. Here the guests are entertained with fresh wine and fruit juices. You can also enjoy having herbs and if you’re searching for unique cocktails, the Chicago has everything for letting you have lots of excitement.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

6. Bangkok

Bangkok has hundreds of nightclubs that remain open the whole night. Here a lot of travelers love coming just to enjoy great time at some of its loveliest bars and restaurants. The best thing about Bangkok’s clubs is that they all have indoor restaurants for the visitors to enjoy lovely meal. This city also has a series of rooftop hotel bars, and dance clubs.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is another hub of nightlife lovers. This city always has something for you to enjoy. Sometimes it is its nightclubs that catch the attention of visitors, and sometimes its restaurants, museums and parks become every eye loving. The youngsters go for night clubs, gambling areas, and bars where wine of high quality is served.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

4. Amsterdam

When it comes to nightlife, Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world. It is famous for its Red Light District. Also you can find here a lot of clubs, bars, restaurants, and dancing venues. The club owners choose the best and sexiest ladies to dance on the floors so that the hearts of the young men can be rocked. Movie lovers can go to “The Movies” where during the night, various films are shown for their entertainment.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

3. Rome

Nightlife starts late in Rome. So if you are to dine in at a club, then wait till 12am. The late night hours bring lots of fun and entertainment for the visitors. Here you can step in to any of the nightclubs, bars, restaurants, the loveliest one is Gregory Bar. Rome also has various jazz bars and dinner clubs for the guests’ entertainment.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles’s glitz and glamorous nights will rock your life. Here the vibrating nightlife is a marvelous experience you won’t love to miss. Los Angeles bars are featured with hot dancing divas, live music, special DJ performances, and an extensive collection of American spirits. You can choose any of the bars for enjoying yourself.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

1. London

London nightlife lets you have a lot to make fun. You can enjoy here comedy cabarets, swanky boutique bars, hot ladies dancing the whole night, and live DJ performances. The Blue Bar is one of the best and most favorite upscale cocktail spots of London. Also you can try Jerusalem Tavern, Royal Opera House, and other such places where guests are entertained with classic ballets and opera.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

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