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Top 10 Best Nina Ricci Perfumes for Women

When you want to smell good for your man or have an exotic fragrance follow you into the room, the best Nina Ricci perfumes are a great scent to consider. They are known for lasting entire days and even into the nighttime hours. They are seductive and alluring; guaranteed to make you feel like a woman. To prove it, here are the top 10 most popular Nina Ricci perfumes available.
Nina Ricci Perfumes for Women

List of Top 10 Best Nina Ricci Perfumes for Women

Best Nina Ricci Perfumes

10. Fleur De Fleurs Perfume. Eau De Toilette Spray

This perfume spray has a floral scent that is mixed with green scents and musk. There is also a little bit of spice thrown in to give it an exotic combination. The top notes in it are aldehydes, bergamot and lemon. Middle notes include the rosemary and magnolia as well as jasmine and even a little lily of the valley. It all comes together beautifully to give you a long lasting scent that you and everyone you meet will love.

Fleur De Fleurs Perfume. Eau De Toilette Spray

9. Les Belles De Ricci Original

Imagine the sweetest almonds combined with florals and fruit. That is what you will find with Les Belles De Ricci. It achieves this scent by combining mandarin and lemon as well as peach and kiwi scents. These exotic fragrances are then topped off with sandalwood, white musk and even a little vanilla.

Les Belles De Ricci Original

8. Love in Paris

Love in Paris sparks a fruity, floral combination that is topped off with sweet roses. These scents are topped off with a hint of bergamot and spice as well as a little musk. It is a scent that has gained popularity since it was introduced in 2004 and women love it because of the romance it sparks in their mind.

Love in Paris

7. Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum

If you love the scent of roses that is topped with musky flavors, you will love this beautiful scent. Its main notes are wild roses and pink peppers. These scents are complimented by rose hip, laurels, white wood, and a little musk to create a sensuous and beautiful combination.

Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum

6. Deci-dela

The scent of fruit is what you will find with the Deci-dela. It includes the exotic combination of apricots, peaches, red currant, raspberry, sweet peas, rose, and jasmine. Other base notes include cypress, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli. Together it creates a fruity scent that will take you away to a tropical paradise.


5. Nina L’Eau by Nina Ricci Eau Fraiche Spray for Women

If you like white floral scents that are also spicy and slightly woodsy, you will love the Nina L’Eau perfume. It is a modern scent that has a unique bouquet of scents that include gardenias, carnations, tuberose, and a little jasmine as well as others. It gets its spice from rosy peppers and a little black currant makes way for the slightly woody scents of amber.

Nina L’Eau by Nina Ricci Eau Fraiche Spray for Women

4. Nina Ricci Premier Jour Eau De Parfum Spray

White floral is the base of this perfume for women. It is topped off with sweetness and woods. It is meant to be worn casually, ideal for the office or when visiting with friends. It has a delicate orchid scent that also features a little vanilla flavoring and musk.

Nina Ricci Premier Jour Eau De Parfum Spray

3. Ricci Ricci

The Ricci Ricci perfume was released in 2009. It is a fragrance that women associate with glamour because it has a very appealing white floral fragrance that is topped off with a little patchouli and sweetness with a little sour thrown in. It main scent ingredients include ruhubarb, bergamot, moonflowers, and a variety of other woodsy scents. Some call it glamourous, some call it mysterious, but everyone seems to love it.

Ricci Ricci

2. L’air Du Temps

This very warm and sensuous fragrance has been considered one of the greatest scent creations of our time, even though there is nothing new about the scent. It was first created and launched in 1948, after the end of World War II. Its bottle holds a dove to represent peace. The scent itself is a combination of carnations, bergamot, and rosewood. These scents are combined with rose and jasmine, violet, iris, and even the woodsier notes of cedar and sandalwood. A musky amber top it off and give it a more sensuous appeal to the women who love it.

L’air Du Temps

1. Nina by Nina Ricci

This perfume scent has a lot of unique things that go into making it very citrusy while still offering a fresh, sweet, and even fruity note. It is aimed at young women and it sparks the idea that the woman wearing it is spontaneous and feeling flirty. The main things you will notice when you spray it is the candied apples and vanilla that make up its delightful scent. These two main notes are further enhanced by the scent of white cedar and musk. Are you ready to prove your spontaneity?

Nina by Nina Ricci