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Top 10 Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood of All Time

It is a common concept that those who play negative roles in the movies might are actual villains in real life. But this is absolutely wrong. There are so many great celebrities in Hollywood who have been long known for playing negative roles in the movies, but in actual life they are the real heroes. This list will comprise of the top 10 best onscreen villains in Hollywood of all time. These are the stars who played great roles, even when they were to act badly onscreen. So, let us take a look.

10. Voldemort, Harry Potter

In the movie, Harry Potter, Voldemort truly played a fantastic negative role. I must say that he has enthralled us with his sinister aims and motives in this particular movie. J.K. Rowling told in an interview that the role Voldemort was based on the cruel dictators of history such as Mussolini and Hitler. And the onscreen Voldemort was to create a thrilling environment in the film.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

9. Joker, The Dark Knight

In a life with so many ups and downs, Heath Ledger’s last role as the magnificent villain Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” was undoubtedly an admirable piece of work. I must say he played this role very well, and urged the fans to come to the cinemas for watching the movie. Joker is the one who does special things in his life, and I don’t think anyone could perform better than Heath.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

8. Magneto, X Men

The dynamic role of Magneto was played onscreen by actors, Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender. Both presented their own way of acting and came up with some fantastic traits to this multifarious character that carries confusing shades of black, white and grey. If you think that the character of Magneto isn’t good enough because he treated Mystique in X Men: The Last Stand badly, then let me tell you that the performance the celebrity has given will make you crazy instead.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

7. Megamind, Megamind

If you have not yet watched this movie, then you have missed a sweet lesson of life. In Megamind, we can see that a villain is not born the way he is shown to be. A lonely little boy full of shattered dreams get no chances to grow in a positive environment. This is why, he becomes a villain.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

6. Killian Aldrich, Iron Man 3

This is, I must say, the best movie to be produced by Marvel. The film has a lot of twist. Besides the other characters, the audience has fallen in love with the character of Tony Stark ever since the first Iron Man movie was released. The great role of Killian Aldrich, played by Guy Pierce, is something highly admirable. His acting, and personality—all are the reasons behind the so much attraction towards this negative role.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

5. Raoul Silva, Skyfall

I was much close to add Javier Bardem’s work as Anton Chigurh from, “No Country For Old Men” as a selection of best villains, but when I came across the brilliant character of Raoul Silva in Skyfall, I became a big fan of it. Bardem’s cold hearted Raoul Silva is so scaring and threatening that this character is loved by the worldwide audience.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

4. Gru, Despicable Me

This is a film that came with an aim to make fun of villains and their motives. The negative character in this film is played by Gru. He tries to snatch a title back. I think that the hero of this movie was to be taught well how to deal with such a powerful villain.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

3. James Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes: The Game Of Shadows

The quintessential British villain, James Moriarty was nonetheless a foe that even Sherlock Holme couldn’t compete with. The villain of this film has very big shoes to fill if he is hoping to surpass the benchmark set by Jared Harris as the wickedly sinister James Moriarty. Whatever you call it, but the fact is the role was played awesomely. If you haven’t watched this film, then go ahead.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

2. Micky Cohen, Gangster Squad

It is possible, sometimes, that the scary experiences of childhood determine the pathways of life. Micky Cohen, LA’s infamous gangster, was unfortunate to have a brutal childhood, and became a bad man. The story of his life was immortalized on screen by Sean Penn, who did fantastic performance. Thanks to Penn’s brilliant portrayal, who made it possible for us to see the Micky’s life experiences.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

1. Frank Costello, The Departed

Jack Nicholson feels right at home doing negative roles. His performance in the films like The Shining, and A Few Good Men has been great. Nicholson’s role as Frank Costello in Martin Scorsese’s 2007 flick, “The Departed” has earned him a prominent place. Based on the notorious gangster Whitey Bulger’s life, Nicholson has added drama and depth to the character.

Best Onscreen Villains in Hollywood

Who is your favorite villain character?