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Top 10 Best Open Source Shopping Carts in 2014-15

For businesses, the online modes of sending and receiving money are mandatory. The open source shopping carts can be an excellent alternative to proprietary ecommerce software. These are highly supported by large communities of professionals and developers, and make your transfer of money easier. Let us see the top 10 best open source shopping carts in 2014-15.

10. Loaded Commerce Cart

This shopping cart is developed by the CRE Loaded team. It is based on the popular CRE Loaded program, having various security modifications. The cart has been designed for small offices, virtual workers, and small-scale professionals who want to add transaction capabilities to their websites. Some of its most exciting features are product, customer, order and content management.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

9. OpenCart for Businessmen

This is yet another great shopping cart for businessmen. The OpenCart is helpful to the store-owners to quickly and easily install, select templates, add products and start taking online orders. There are various built-in template that make it easy for you to provide online services to the customers. This cart manages multiple orders at one time.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

8. Zeuscart

ZeusCart is a web-based PHP/My SQL shopping cart. It is known to boast an easy user-interface. This is capable to meet the requirements of Web 2.0. It is effective both for small and large sized companies. This cart offers inventory management, attribute-driven product catalog, built-in CMS, and SEO-friendly URLs. This has gotten the license from GPL 2.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

7. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a highly effective shopping cart. It handles everything from web store set-up to managing customer orders. It keeps a track of your customer history, and gives you access to plenty of specifications like online marketing, customize orders and changing shipping options etc. The best version of this cart is PrestaShop v.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

6. Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a free open source shopping cart. It has been a creation of a group of expert programmers, and designers. This cart lets you enjoy various options to customize the product categories and arrange them in a way you like the most. You can also configure products, sales discounts, and shipping and payment options. The cart’s page editor modifies non-database pages, and makes your usage easier.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

5. osCommerce Online Merchant

The osCommerce Online Merchant ecommerce solution is a free service. It has come with plenty of tools to help the store-owners manage the front-end catalog and back-end administration tasks. It is very easy-to-use, and has been licensed by the GNU General Public. This cart provides a basic template layout structure for easy customization.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

4. Commerce.CGI

Commerce.CGI claims to be the first free Perl shopping cart on the internet. It was originally released in 1998. This cart is a fully featured for Unix-based servers. It has various specifications to make your business easy and smooth-going. The cart has options like email management, product search, and payment methods etc.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

3. Magento

Magento cart offers an enterprise-class ecommerce platform. It has partnered with third-party developers, and was acquired by eBay in 2011. This cart lets you enjoy features for presentation, content and functionality. It has plenty of marketing tools, SEO, product catalog options, and easy product management.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

2. Agora Shopping Cart

AgoraCart is a customizable and secure open source cart. It is easy to install, and comes with features like customizable templates, product categories, options for different tax rates, and easy store management. This cart is highly supported by various online community forums and store-owners.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

1. Broadleaf Commerce

The Broadleaf Commerce is yet another wonderful cart. This lets you enjoy an enterprise-level platform that with built-in Java integration technology to fulfill your business needs. With this cart, the retailers are able to manage their customer accounts, billing information, and other useful data quite easily. The cart also supports social integration, catalog browsing, and can integrate with Google Analytics.

Best Open Source Shopping Carts

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