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Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies in 2014

Pharmaceutical companies are known to discover, develop, and market different medicines to treat the patients. The use of medicines and drugs is mandatory for everyone who is ill, thus, the role of pharmaceutical companies in curing diseases cannot be ignored. All the companies aim to provide highly effective drugs so that they can play their vital role in serving the humanity in a better way. The products a pharmaceutical company manufactures include drugs, food supplements, energy products, and syringes.

Let us check out the list of top 10 best pharmaceutical companies in 2014.

10.  Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly is an America-based pharmaceutical company with its offices operating in Puerto Rico and 17 other countries. The company was founded in 1876 and sells its products in over 120 countries. It mainly manufactures life-changing drugs and advanced medicines for the patients. The company has a history to produce health-friendly drugs, polio vaccine, insulin and penicillin, as well as psychiatric medications.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

9. Glaxo SmithKline

Glaxo SmithKline is a British-based company that mainly deals in vaccines, anti-smoking drugs, and others. This is 4th largest and well-established company in the world, and was founded in 2000. It also sells variety of vaccines, prescription medicines and consumer products, besides treatments for asthma, cancer, depression, skin diseases, heart and circulatory disease, tetanus, hepatitis A & B, and diphtheria.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

8. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is an American company that deals with pharmaceuticals, medicinal devices and packaged goods. Also it sells food supplements, and energy tablets that are widely used and recommended by fitness experts and youngsters. The company is also dealing in baby products, Band-Aid, Clean and Clear face washes, Neutrogena skin and beauty products and many more. Its famous drugs are Risperdal, rivaroxaban, topamax, Bapineuzumab, dacogen, etc.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

7. Novartis

Novartis AG is a company of Switzerland. This company manufactured the drugs worth USD46.806 billion annually. The company was established in 1996 when Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz got merged. It not only sells medicines, but also eye care products, and veterinary medicines. It has produced drugs like clozapine, carbamazepine, diclofenac, imatinib mesylate, and letrozole. The company is selling its products to over 100 countries worldwide at affordable prices.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

6. Pfizer

Pfizer is an America-based company, and was established in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhalt. The company discovered Terramycin and became a prior choice of various doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. It produces vaccines and medicines including the drugs for oncology, inflammation, immunology, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, pain and neuroscience. Pfizer’s medicines are also effective to treat the patients of cancer and Alzheimer like diseases.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

5. Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories is a renewed USA-based healthcare products manufacturer. The company has employed over 70,000 workers in its different departments and offices across the world. It was founded in 1888, and has a history to make over USD31 billion revenues in a year. The mission of the company is to manufacture drugs that turn ill individuals into healthy ones. It developed the first blood screening test for HIV in 1985.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

4. AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca belongs to Britain. This company deals in both England and Sweden, with its offices across America, Asia and other states of Europe. The company aims to provide the drugs for improving the health of the people. It manufactures drugs for cardiovascular, cancer, respiratory, gastrointestinal, neuroscience, infection and inflammation abnormalities.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

3. Sanofi

Sanofi is headquartered in Paris, France. This company sells synthetic fibers and therapeutic drugs for curing the patients of diabetes, oncology, internal medicine, cardiovascular, central nervous system, and other diseases. It also makes vaccines and syringes for its world’s consumer hospitals.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

2. Merck & Co

Merck & Co is an American pharmaceutical company. It is mainly dealing in herbal medicines and improved therapies that aid in the prevention of various health diseases. This company offers affordable products and started its operation in 1950. The company deals in vaccines, biologic therapies, innovative medicines, consumer care and animal health products, and is known to provide customer-friendly products.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

1. Roche

Roche is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. This company was established in 1896 by Fritz Hoffman-La Roche. It prepares numerous vitamin supplements, and drugs to treat drugs include are for central nervous system disorders, viral infections, inflammatory and metabolic disorders. The company has made a highly effective synthetic Vitamin C in 1934, under the brand name Redoxon.

Best Pharmaceutical Companies

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