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Top 10 Best & Most Popular Nightlife Cities in Europe in 2014

Nightlife in Europe is one of the best experiences you’ll have. Not only the bachelor youngsters, but also the newly married couples can have a lot to enjoy at the nightclubs and bars in Europe. It is true that the fun never ends here. From the live dance performances, to great champion—you will get everything that can add value to your excitement in Europe’s nightlife. Let us check out the top 10 best & most popular nightlife cities in Europe in 2014.

10. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is one of the major cities of Ireland. The nightlife here is not less than thriving. Youngsters love visiting pubs, bars, and dance clubs during the night. The heart-taking beauty of dancing girls is something that will act like a magic for you. This city also has a lot for old flocks at the bars and nightclubs. Here you can enjoy drinking some of the finest wines.

most popular nightlife cities in Europe

9. Corfu, Greece

Corfu of Greece is a marvelous city to enjoy nightlife. Here there are so many bars and nightclubs that a day out in the streets of Corfu will bring a lot of fun for you. If the day-boozing is one of your favorite activities, then take some time and enjoy visiting any of the nearby Corfu’s club or bar.

most popular nightlife cities in Europe

8. Prague, Czech Republic

If you believe that beer is cheaper than water, then this can be experienced at Prague. This city offers you a Pilsner for around 25 CZK. This means you can taste around 10 beers at affordable costs depending on your selection. The matchless beauty of this city and the lights shining during the night will add value to your experience. Weather you stumble upon one of the bars for having wines, or are hitting up Lucerna Dance Club for enjoying seductive dance, this city has everything for you.

most popular nightlife cities in Europe

7. Krakow, Poland

Krakow of Poland is something you should not miss to go. This city has a lot of bars, pubs, and clubs where not only live performances are enjoyed but also youngsters make parties together. Actually, Krakow has the most bars per capita in the world. This is what makes this city a prior selection of nightlife loves. This can, thus, be regarded as a nightlife mecca.

Krakow - Poland Nightlife

6. Florence, Italy

Florence of Italy is a place that can make you crazy. True that it is one of the major study abroad cities, but besides all that Florence offers you great time at bars and clubs. If you’re missing to watch a hot movie at night, then visit ant of its bars to have that. Some of its major clubs are Twice, Yab and Space.

Florence - Italy Nightlife

5. Berlin, Germany

It’s time to get weird. Berlin is where you can have all fun and outstanding nightlife experience. The city’s bars and clubs remain open from 10pm to 5am. Here you can enjoy live DJ performances, girls dancing on the floor totally naked or in small dresses, and even individual dance performances which you can enjoy with your friends as well.

most popular nightlife cities in Europe

4. Barcelona, Spain

If you like to rage, Barcelona is probably the right place for you. Here you can easily spot one of the best bars, VIP clubs, and wine points to enjoy great time out. If you don’t know much about the spice of Barcelona nightlife, then you can think of mixing the beautiful Miami scenery and the crazy clubs experience, and get served with delicious wine.

most popular nightlife cities in Europe

3. Split, Croatia

Beautiful place, beautiful people—this is what I can say about Split. This city of beauties is no short of clubs. In fact, you would find it difficult to make the selection of where to go for spending an entertaining night out. The white marble streets of Split light up after the evening and can lead you to the right place for making lots of fun.

Split Croatia

2. London, United Kingdom

London, being one of the biggest cities has various places when it comes to nightlife. If you’re looking for crazy clubbing night, London would provide you some of the best nightclubs and bars. You can’t go wrong with the fun that never ends in Oxford Circus. Even if you’re balling on a budget, this city has Camden and several such places.

most popular nightlife cities in Europe

1. Budapest, Hungary

Imagine Eastern Europe as a place of nightclubs. I am sure this is what you actually want during a trip. Budapest is an absolute heaven for nightlife lovers. This city always has lots of entertaining spots for everyone, from thumping nightclubs to rowdy bars, Budapest is what you should not miss. One of its oldest pubs is Szimpla.

most popular nightlife cities in Europe

Which is your favorite city for nightlife? Let us know!