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Top 10 Best Public Meltdowns

It is truly very difficult to become a celebrity. This profession requires much attention, focus, and the celebrities have to be presentable all the time. You cannot walk freely on the road along with your dog, or cannot enjoy time in a coffee shop or shopping center, because people and media persons can surround you any time. Here we are going to talk about top 10 best public meltdowns.

Best Public Meltdowns

10. Todd Akin

Todd Akin has always been a media-favorite person. In one way or the other, he managed to make himself recognized. Whether it is the conversation with enemies of female half of the human race, or anything else, Todd is one of the most talked about celebrities. In other words, we can call him a highly controversial celebrity.

Todd Akin

9. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson had insulted everyone he used to come across. He seems to be habitual of using odd and poor language. In 2010, he had a big fight with girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, during the days when tapes were released that the man is abusing at her.

Mel Gibson

8. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is one of the best public meltdowns. It is true that he is a fair boxer, but as a person Mike has been highly controversial. The impression he left onto our minds in 1997, when he fought with Evander Holyfield, wasn’t good at all. The man, many times, refused to accept his defeat. Tyson, due to his rude and arrogant behavior, had been losing many points during the game.

Mike Tyson

7. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is another celeb who has always been a meltdown. She frequently visits to rehab, and is known for her spiritual nature. Previously, the lady got addicted to drugs. She has had been totally relying upon drugs for her survival. Till 2006, Lindsay had a fairly pure image, but later on things went against her.

Lindsay Lohan

6. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff has seen many ups and downs in his career. He saw the peak times of “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch” in the 80s and early 90s. Later on, in 2007, one of the videotapes made his little daughter Taylor Ann everyone’s talk when she was featured shirtless and drunk.

David Hasselhoff

5. Christian Bale

Christian Bale is one of the best public meltdowns. He is often called as the “method actor”. This clearly means that he knows how to get into the character. The time he played Batman, Christian was bulked up with so many roles. He was in the cast of “American Psycho”. This man has been highly influencing in a lot of ways.

Christian Bale

4. John McEnroe

John McEnroe has remained unnoticed for many years. The reason is the lack of “instant upload” that could give him much more publicity. This man managed to be a meltdown during Wimbledon when he was pushed from the edge by an umpire. He has come across many failures in life.

John McEnroe

3. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is one of the best public meltdowns in a way that he is a hard-partying personality. The bizarre rants about “tiger blood”, and so many other things damaged the repute of Charlie to some extent. One of the times was when he and his goddesses rambled incoherently at the camera.

Charlie Sheen

2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is known to melt down in a dramatic way. She has crossed her limits many times during the career. Firstly, she shaved her head on camera, and then she took the overdose of dangerous amphetamines. Apparently, Britney is known to be a proud and arrogant lady.

Britney Spears

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was in love with Katie Holmes. He didn’t take the chance to risk his life while jumping up and down on a sofa to declare his feelings for her. The scene was Oprah’s show, and it happened in 2005. He used to knee the floor just to say I love you, many times to his ladylove. The couple, unfortunately, ended their relationship in 2013.

Tom Cruise

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