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Top 10 Best Red Wine Brands

Alcoholic beverages have become a must part of the lives of people living in Europe, America, Canada, and Asia. With the advent of time, there have come a lot of wine brands have starting making alcohol-free red wines in different refreshing flavors. Clubbed with proven health benefits, red wines are now loved by the men and women. Let us check out the list of top 10 best red wine brands.

10. Grover Vineyards

A deep ruby color is the highlight of Chene Grand Reserve wines by Grover Vineyards. This is an award-winning brand that got worldwide appreciations in the last few years. Its wines are usually red in color, and come in varying flavors like aroma of plums and berries, spices and flavor of oak barrel.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

9. Fratelli Wines

The wines of Fratelli also come in beautiful red colors. This brand has gotten awards like Decanter Asia Wine award last year. The notable flavors of its wines are ripe fruits with hints of vanilla, and green grapes with strong flavor. These wines go well with spicy cuisines.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

8. Vintage Wines

The lovely red colored and purple wines of Vintage are famous for their refreshing taste, and mouth watering flavors. It is famous due to its fruity taste. The notable tastes of this company’s red wines are pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

7. Rasa Shiraz Wines

Rasa Shiraz got an award in 2010 by the house of Sula Vineyards, Nashik. This brand is famous for its peppery and fruity aroma wines. It is one of the best wine exporters in the world, and has so far introduced over 14,000 wines both in light and strong tastes.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

6. Four Seasons Wines

The wines of this brand are produced with qualit grapes and other fresh ingredients. Some of its best flavors are ripe blackberry, strong wine, and seasonal vanilla. This brand manufactures high quality red wines that go well with spicy foods and matured cheese.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

5. Sula Vineyards 

This is another famous and well known wine brand that mainly deals in delicious red wines. The company produces over 12,00 wine varieties every year, and export them in all countries worldwide. Its wines are great to serve with cheese, and lamb meat like meals.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

4. La’ Reserve Wines

The wines of La’ Reserve are mainly produced by Grover Vineyard. This brand is known for its intense flavours and spicy aroma with notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee beans. The red wines create a refreshing feel in the lives of the wine lovers.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

3. Fratelli Wines

Merlot wines are characterized for their lovely taste and beautiful bottles. The wines of this brand come in flavors like pepper and chocolate as well as fresh grapes. These are usually exported the world over, and go best with meat items, and spicy vegetables.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

2. Chateau D’Ori Wines

The wines by Chateau D’Ori are balanced well in taste and color. The best flavors include pepper notes with hint of vanilla, and fresh fruits. These wines are affordable, and won’t let you feel bad due to their quality. These can be served with meats and grilled vegetables.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

1. Nine Hills Wines

The wines of Nine Hills are best and can be ranked at the top of this list. This brand was founded in 2007. It has offered various pleasing aroma of cherries, as well as spices with hints of vanilla. Also you can get refreshing wines that are made with grapes. The quality is never compromised.

Best Red Wine Brands in 2014

Which red wine is your favorite?