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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

There are numerous tourist attractions in Los Angeles. The presence of museums, theme parks, natural landscape and restaurants make this city an ideal place. Among those plenty of dine-in points where you can taste national and international cuisines, here are the top 10 best restaurants in Los Angeles.

10. Angelini Osteria: 

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

This spot is famous for its Italian and Chinese dishes. The chef Gino Angelini’s roasted meat, pasta and chicken wings are the specialties of this restaurant. I am sure you will have a great time at this restaurant while eating the food of your desire. No doubt, the lavish cuisine and environment of this restaurant will make you a fan of it.

9. La Casita Mexicana: 

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

La Casita Mexicana is situated in Gage Avenue, Los Angeles. This restaurant is famous for its Mexican food. The overall environment is quite pleasant. La Casita Mexicana is one of the most inexpensive restaurants in the city.

8. Matsuhisa: 

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Matsuhisa is formally known as Mats restaurant. This is famous to be the first restaurant where the celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa started his cooking career. I claim Matsuhisa to be an excellent restaurant.

7. Pizzeria Mozza:

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Pizzeria Mozza serves its guests with tasty roast, vegetable rice and different varieties of pizza. Pizzeria Mozza is the one spot for cheesy pizza lovers and is situated in Highland Ave, Los Angeles.

6. Dan Tana’s:

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Dan Tana’s is famous for its mouth-watering Italian dishes. In addition to the regular lunch and dinner deals, you can also enjoy snacks, sandwiches, pizzas and tea at this restaurant. The environment and staff is guest-friendly.

5. Sushi Park

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Do you love traditional Japanese food? If so then SushiPark is the place to serve you with plenty of Japanese dishes. The best thing I love about this Los Angeles restaurant is its fish varieties. The prices of the eatables are very economical.

4. Wurstkuche: 

Wurstkuche restaurant in Los Angeles

Wurstkuche serves the guests with various exotic sausages, meat balls, rice varieties and vegetable dishes. If you have the mode of giving a try to fresh orange or mango juice, then Wurstkuche is the right place in Los Angeles. My favorites are milk shakes of mango, banana and strawberry. The restaurant is situated in 3rd street, 800 E. Los Angeles.

3. Melisse Restaurant: 

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Melisse can be approached in Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, Los Angeles. This restaurant is known for its tasty Chinese and local cuisines. Fish is served in different tastes. You can also have high quality French eatables at this restaurant.

2. Gjelina: 

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Gjelina’s dishes are flavor rich. You can choose something nice to eat in lunch or dinner time from a wide variety of small plate offerings. The best and must taste dishes of this restaurant belong to Smoke and Mirrors menu.

1. Restaurante Guelaguetza:

Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

The Restaurante Guelaguetza offers traditional Oxacan foods at reasonable prices. Its Mexican digs are my favorite. I am sure you will also love to taste them. The restaurant is situated in W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles. This restaurant’s food will definitely make you crazy and the staff is also very friendly.

If you make your mind to visit Los Angeles this summer, then make sure you haven’t forgotten to enlist the name of these restaurants in your watchlist.