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Top 10 Best Science Museums in the World

A museum refers to a building that is dedicated to the specific monuments, depicting the historical, cultural, and traditional values of a state. Every city in the world has museums. The science museums are either a branch of a scientific or technology company/department or are being run by government bodies. These correspond to various fields of science, nature, and technology and show off a lot of interesting things in the form of ancient monuments or multimedia displays. Let us take a look at the article’s list of top 10 best science museums in the world.

10. Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand

It is one of the most popular museums of New Zealand. It has a huge collection of fossils and archaeozoology, plant specimen, bird specimen, and rare amphibians as well as reptiles. The museum, according to an estimate, has the largest colossal squid, weighing 495 kg (1,091 lb).

Best Science Museums in the World

9. The Exploratorium, San Francisco, United States

It is a highly fascinating science museum that lets the visitors know a lot about scientific and technological advancements. It is often called as “scientific fun house”. This displays world’s most exciting and unique thins and fauna and flora for study purposes. It is situated in Piers 15 and 17 in the port of San Francisco.

Best Science Museums in the World

8. National Media Museum, Bradford, United Kingdom

This great museum features various exhibits of photography, film and tv industry. Here you can also explore the monuments related to the history of internet and animation. The museum is being visited by thousands of tourists and students every month. Here you can view interactive exhibitions that depict the various aspects of tv broadcasting and filmmaking.

Best Science Museums in the World

7. Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom

The Natural History Museum is London’s most outstanding science museum. It has various dinosaur exhibits including their skeletons and artificial models. Other than this, the museum has a lot of exhibitions about fauna, flora, human physiology, fossils, minerals, and others. This was founded in 18th century, and receives about 2 million visitors every year.

Best Science Museums in the World

6. Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany

The Deutsches Museum is situated in Germany. It is one of the biggest and most famous science museums in the world. It is localted on the island of the Isar river, and exhibits over 28,000 different objects. Here you can view the highlights like construction model of the Cave of Altamira, Spain. This museum has a huge collection of rare, animal, plant, and bird specimen for the visitors.

Best Science Museums in the World

5. Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, United States 

The Academy of Natural Science is a part of Drexel University. This museum is located in Philadelphia, USA. It is one of the oldest museums in the world, built in 1812. It exhibits the huge collection of more than 16 million specimens including T-Rex skeleton and skeletons of dinosaurs. This is a worth to see museum of the world.

Best Science Museums in the World

4. Universeum, Gothenburg, Sweden

If you plan to visit this great museum, then go ahead to know much about the insights of science and technology. This fantastic museum has interactive displays, and aquarium for making the children feel excited. Here there are plenty of things to captivate the attention of both adults and kids. This is no doubt a nice museum of Sweden.

Best Science Museums in the World

3. Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong

If your plan is to visit Hong Kong for lovely holidays, then don’t forget to visit this Hong Kong Space Museum. It is the most fascinating and marvelous museum having exhibits related to space science. The dome of the central planetarium is a great landmark, having a wide range of instruments and monuments related to moon, sun, and other planets and stars.

Best Science Museums in the World

2. Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne, Switzerland

The Swiss Museum of Transport has exhibitions and monuments of different modes of transport. This museum of Switzerland is dedicated to the collections of Swiss car models, and road and rail infrastructure models, and others. It has a wide range of displays belonging to 19th century onward.

Best Science Museums in the World

1. National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C., United States

The National Air and Space Museum is a wonderful museum of Washington, USA. It is best known for its aviation and human flight history. Visiting this museum will take you to the time when there were lesser space explorations. Here you can also see how the first man stepped onto the moon, and some objects collected from distant planets. The museum is worth to see for the astronomers.

Best Science Museums in the World

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