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Top 10 Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

Why do we use best skincare products? Well, the answer is quite simple; we use skincare products to take good care of our skin. Among those so many skincare products and moisturizing brands available in the market, I have chosen the following top 10 best selling cosmetic brands.

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands 2015
Best Selling Cosmetic Brands 2015

10. Lakme Cosmetics:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

Although Lakme is an Indian beauty brand, but its cosmetics are famous the world over. The quality is always great and every product coming from this 1952 founded company leaves long-lasting positive impacts onto its users. J.R.D Tata is the person who laid the foundation of this company. Lakme is now positioned at 5th rank in India to have its reliable beauty products and makeup. The company is also operating its more than 230 salons in India and parts of USA.

9. Biore:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

Biore has a brand value of over USD6 million and the company sales exclusive cosmetics in the worldwide markets worth USD3 billion every year. This gives us a clearer idea of how wonderful and reliable Biore’s products are. This company produces great cleansers, skin moisturizer, complexion creams, makeup removing products, pore unclogging scrubs, Acne cleansers and scrubs and anti-pimple lotions for the females. It is attracting the famous customers such as Emilia Clarke and Shay Mitchell.

8. Josie Maran’s Argan Oil: 

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

The Argan Oil of Josie Maran has gained too much popularity in the markets. This skincare oil is suited best for dull and dry skin. The oil is an ideal alternate of your moisturizing cream as it nourishes the skin with vitamin E and proteins. The makers claim that the oil is 100% natural with no side-effects.

7. Christian Dior:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

The estimated brand value of Christian Dior is USD5 million. Its cosmetics are world famous for their great quality and reliability. This company is housed in France, with the outlets spread all over the world. Christian Dior was founded in 1946 and is selling cosmetics of millions of dollars every year. The mascara of this company is highly appreciated by the Hollywood queens like Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell and Denise Richards.

6. SK-II Facial Treatment:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

Sometimes a refreshing whitening or gold facial is enough to keep our skin healthy and pimples-free. This facial treatment is enriched with Pitera and vitamin E. It enhances your skin and improves the complexion in summer. I proudly recommend this natural facial treatment to my friends because it contains absolutely natural ingredients. That is why; I find no harm to use it. To have a wonderful and glowing skin like Cate Blanchett, Ski-II is an ideal beauty product.

5. Retinol Beauty Products:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

For more than 70 years, Retinol beauty products are widely used the world over. The skincare moisturizer of Retinol is one of my favorite cosmetics. It is a proven wrinkles lightener and better than any other skincare product. It is an excellent bedtime moisturizer for me and I am really thankful to the makers for creating such a brilliant and highly effective moisturizer.

4. Fair & Lovely:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

Fair & Lovely is a trusted skincare brand, created in 1970. Bloomberg has named it one of the best skin whitening creams sold. Fair & Lovely is a brand of Unilever. The company has enjoyed about 17 % increased profit on its whitening cream sales during the year.

3. Clinique:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

The skincare products of Clinique are famous both in Asia and Europe . Before choosing a whitening cream or moisturizing lotion of Clinique, you should be aware with its ingredients. Hydroquinone is one of the most controversial skin-lightening agents. On the other hand, Steroids like Clobetasol is ideal to lighten the skin pimples. I can proudly say that most of Clinique’s skincare products and moisturizing lotions contain these essential ingredients, which means complete assurance of glowing and beautiful skin.

2. Olay:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

Olay is a famous skincare brand of America. The foundation of this company was laid by Graham Wulff (1916-2008) in South Africa. He was an ex-chemist of Unilever but soon created his own skincare brand (Olay) in 1949. Since the early days of its creation, Olay has launched various skincare products for the women like me. The company is famous for its moisturizing lotions, high quality whitening creams and skin essential oils.

1. Dove:

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands

Dove, for me, always comes at the top of the list. Its top quality soaps, lotions, creams, skincare products, shampoos have been famous the world over. Dove is a well known company of Europe and sells its branded and high value products all over the world since 1955. This great company sells cosmetic products and body washes both for men and women. Its brand value is about USD10 billion as per the stats of 2013. Unilever owns Dove brand.

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