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Top 10 Best Shoe Brands in the World in 2015

Shoes are essential that we all wear every day. The selection of the right kind of shoes is one of the most complicated jobs. There are so many brands and varieties that always confuse us about the selection. People often get inspired by the renewed brands that bring forth innovative styles and high quality products for them. Let us check the list of top 10 best shoe brands in the world in 2015.

10. Toms Shoes

This is one of the most popular footwear companies all over the world. It is based in California and was developed in 2006 by an entrepreneur from Texas, named Blake Mycoskie. Toms is known to manufacture and sell shoes of high quality. The designs of footwear of this company for adults and teens are always top notch. The business model of this company has been noted as the “one for one concept”.

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Best Shoe Brands in the World

9. Aldo Shoes

The Aldo is another company of shoes and fashion accessories. This private company is based in Canada. It has chains of stores in almost all parts of the world. The company offers quality shoes including flats, heels, pumps, loafers and sneakers for women, and sneakers, dress and casual lace-ups, dress and casual loafers, sandals and boots for men.

Best Shoe Brands in the World

8. Nike

Nike is an American multinational company that needs no introduction. This brand has always been known to sell classic and modern style footwear, handbags, and fashion accessories under the trademarks of “Just Do It” and the Swoosh logo. Its footwear are always lightweight.

Best Shoe Brands in the World

7. Nine West

It is a fashion whole sale and retail company with global repute. It was founded to bring forth excellent products like handbags, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses etc. This brand has become one of the leading shoe brands to date. The exceptional designs and colors of shoes by Nine West are appreciated a lot.

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Best Shoe Brands in the World

6. Supra Shoes

The Supra Shoes is another popular footwear company. The brand is renowned for its innovative shapes, influential color stories, and unique combination of materials. It is famous among the celebrities and fashion models. It also brings forth exceptional shoes for the athletes.

Best Shoe Brands in the World

5. Puma

It is a German company, with its operations and stores all over the world. Puma has specialized in designing casual and athletic footwear, as well as sportswear. This company was founded in 1942 by two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. It brings football shoes and special basketball shoes for the worldwide athletes.

Best Shoe Brands in the World

4. Vans

The Vans is a brand of America. This company has specialized in manufacturing shoes and also produces products like apparel, hoodies, t-shirts, hats and socks. This is one of the most demanding brands in the sports industry. It was founded in 1966 by Gordon C. Lee, James Van Doren, Paul Van Doren and Serge D’Elia.

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Best Shoe Brands in the World

3. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is widely famous for presenting stylish and top notch footwear for women and men. This brand is especially famous for its shoes of women that range from boots to pumps, sandals to wedges, and flats to high heels. The quality of its products is always great. The brand uses amalgamate of racy and daring patterns to design shoes.

Best Shoe Brands in the World

2. Steve Madden

Steve Madden Ltd. is one more top class footwear company. Its founder and CEO is Steve Madden who has been one of the most successful shoe designers of America. The brand is now famous among the celebrities, athletes, and fashion models. It has designed unique shoes that express the individuality of a person to much extent.

Best Shoe Brands in the World

1. Coach

The footwear of Coach are always superb to give a try to. This company offers a wide variety of women’s designer handbags, jewelry, wallets and shoes. The brand has gotten a distinctive position in the fashion industry due to its unique styles, value, quality, and authenticity of products. The women’ shoes include flats, sneakers, loafers, sandals and heels. This company also brings forth innovative and comfortable footwear for men.

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Best Shoe Brands in the World

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