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Top 10 Best Star-Studded Fragrances Ever

Nowadays, it has become a trend to introduce fragrances and initiate own fashion houses. The urge to look top notch and stylish leads us to look back and find a signature scent. Here we are going to talk about top 10 best star-studded fragrances ever.

Best Star-Studded Fragrances

10. Sophia Loren, Sophia

Sophia Loren has been widely famous as a model and celeb of Italy. This bombshell launched her eponymous scent with Coty in 1981, proclaiming “Wear it with a passion”. The perfume has become popular among Sophia’s fans to much extent.

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Best Star-Studded Fragrances

9. Cher, Uninhibited

Cher has been a celebrity with top notch personality. Cher’s scent, a blend of lily, sandalwood and vanilla was released in 1987.

Best Star-Studded Fragrances

8. Debbie Gibson, Electric Youth

Debbie Gibson, a remarkable and beautiful celeb of all time launched her teen-targeted fragrance along with Gibson’s album of the same name in 1989. This scent became popular among her fans and those who want to have impressive personalities.

Best Star-Studded Fragrances

7. Michael Jackson, Legende de Michael Jackson and Mystique de Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson needs no introduction. He has been the legendary singer and stage performer of all time. He released a pair of perfumes in fall 1992 named Legende for men, and Mystique for women. All of the products by Michael Jackson are highly admired due to their top notch quality.

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Best Star-Studded Fragrances

6. Beyoncé, Heat

Beyoncé, a flawless singer with hot figure and great personality launched Heat in 2010. This soon became one of the best selling perfumes ever launched by celebrities.

Best Star-Studded Fragrances

5. Joan Collins, Spectacular

Joan Collins launched Spectacular, a scent that has come in appealing bottle and the Art Deco theme. This perfume was released in 1989.

Best Star-Studded Fragrances

4. Justin Bieber, Someday

Justin Bieber launched Someday in 2011. This got popular among his fans the world over. The pop star made USD3 million in just three weeks from this product’s sales.

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Best Star-Studded Fragrances

3. Jennifer Lopez, Glow by JLo

Jennifer Lopez introduced Glow by JLo in 2002. This fragrance has been presented in over 18 amazing notes, so the buyers have full freedom to choose the note they love the most.

Jennifer Lopez, Glow by JLo

2. Sarah Jessica Parker, Lovely

Sarah Jessica Parker brought Lovely, her first fragrance, in 2005. Sarah was confident that this scent would be loved by her global fans. The success of this project led to the Sex and the City star’s follow-up scents, Covet (2007), SJP NYC (2009) and NYC Pure Crush (2011).

Best Star-Studded Fragrances

1. Taylor Swift, Wonderstruck

Taylor Swift launched her floral fragrance named Wonderstruck in 2011. It was certain that all of Taylor’s fans found this product high quality. This is truly a perfume that helps you shape your impression and personality before others.

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Best Star-Studded Fragrances

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