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Top 10 Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

In most of the high profile SEO companies, the experts focus much on conducting detailed SEO audits on the websites of the customers before they initiate any of the given tasks. Here are the top 10 best tips to conduct SEO audits.

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

10. Know the Business Nature

Nowadays, all the local and international businesses know well the worth of SEO. They know that the services of a reliable SEO company are always needed as a part of their marketing efforts. Most of the times, however, they fail to get positive results from their SEO investments, which is due to the reason that they’ve not chosen the right SEO service providing company.

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

9. Improve Your Website Rank

For improving your website rank, you always need to pinpoint and strengthen the weaknesses that you’ve long been facing. The complete SEO audit is the perfect solution in this regard. You can maximize ROI and enjoy huge profits from the website/blog.

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

8. Link Profile Audit

While conducting audits, most of the professional SEOs use high end and advanced software. These tools are of great help in scanning your website for inbound links and backlinks pointing to particular domains from different websites. We can consider backlinks to be the votes of credibility and legitimacy as these have great impact on the overall impression of your website and its authority.

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

7. Maintain the Quality of Link Profile

This is vital to maintain the quality of link profile of a website. Once your website would have natural backlinks from authoritative sources, it would be automatically ranked in the search engines.

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

6. Technical SEO Audit

Technical audit is one of the most complicated aspects of a powerful SEO audit. It accounts for about 30% of major search engine algorithms. The technical SEO audit determines the rank of your site in the search engines.

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

5. Know Some Technical Concepts

To maintain the quality, you should focus much on technical concepts. During a technical SEO audit, professional SEO companies mainly focus on:

  • Health and crawlability of the site
  • Using an HTML and XML sitemap
  • Using standard internal linking
  • Loading speed of the site
  • HTML coding structure

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

4. Maintain the Keywords

During the local SEO, the maintenance of keywords is very important otherwise your websites may be penalized by search engines. Always use good amount of keywords. The professional SEOs evaluate keywords on the basis of followings:

  • Page Copy
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Data
  • Link Anchor Text
  • URLs
  • Image and Video Optimization

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

3. Front-end SEO Audit

Now comes the turn of front-end SEO audit. Before conducting this approach, develop an understanding of how the website has been structured with respect to conversion rate optimization and SEO.

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

2. Blueprints of the Website

You should emphasis much on the site’s blueprints, as well as its categories and sub categories. The design, content, and usability of the website also matter a lot. These factors greatly influence the experience of the users, and can generate more and more organic traffic.

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

1. Remember Each and Everything

By keeping in mind these tips, you can be assured of detailed analysis about the quality of your site’s successful SEO campaign. It is strongly needed for all the competitive and non-competitive niches.Lo

Best Tips to Conduct SEO Audits

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