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Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace region in France. It is situated close to the border-line of Germany. The city is famous for its so many tourist attractions and pleasant environment that have become the reasons to strengthen its tourism industry. With over 729,168 inhabitants, Strasbourg’s metropolitan area is 9th biggest area of France.

If the land is still unexplored, then plan to visit Strasbourg and include the following top 10 tourist attractions in Strasbourg in your hot-list.

10. Alsatian Museum (Musée Alsacien)

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

Alsatian Museum was founded in 1907 for the preservation of the France’s unique cultural heritage. Its full name is Strasbourg Alsatian Museum (also called Musée Alsacien). It is a highly fascinating museum which presents its tribute to Alsatian folks, artworks and traditions. It displays over five thousand items which date from 14th to 19th centuries. Here you can also find the collections of periodical furniture and clothing, ceramics, toys and household items, also exhibiting the sections of wine production, carpentry, rope-making, art and handicrafts. The AlsatianMuseum is situated on the Quai St Nicolas, across the Pont du Corbeau from Strasbourg’s Grande Ile.

9. Cathedral of Notre Dame

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

Cathedral de Notre-Dame is considered to be the 2nd only famous cathedral of ancient times. Its full name is Strasbourg Cathedral de Notre-Dame (also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, or, Strasbourg Cathedral). It is one of the most visited and best cathedrals of France, surrounded by various restaurants, museums, and cafes. It catches the attention of up to 4 million tourists annually. It is expanded in an area of 465-foot (142-meter).

8. Christmas Market (Christkinde lsmarik)

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

Christmas Market is in France, and tracks its history back from 1570. Its full name is Strasbourg Christmas Market (also known as Christkindelsmarik), it is an ancient place of France oldest and among the oldest in Europe. Here over 2.5 million tourists come to enjoy their time every year, especially during the festive season. The market is situated on Place Broglie, on Strasbourg’s Grande Île. It is held annually at the end of November. The market remains open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day except Christmas Day.

7. Colmar

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

Colmar is a wonderful place of attraction for the tourists in France. It is the self-proclaimed capital of the Alsace wine region, and highlights the famous Alsace Wine Route and renowned for its beautiful medieval center. Colmar has half-timbered buildings painted with colors of rainbow. Here you can also enjoy fishing boats, bobbing in the flower-lined canal ways and maze of cobblestone lanes with cafés and artistic shops. Some of its more beautiful highlights are Issenheim Altarpiece, show at the UnterlindenMuseum; the Bartholdi museum—which is dedicated to the Colmar-born architect, and the aptly-named La Petite Venise (Little Venice).

6. Grande Île

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

Grande Île has been encircled by the River Ill and the Canal du Faux Rempart. It is also known as BigIsland, and one of the most famous UNESCO–listed historic centers of Strasbourg. You can initiate your tour from legendary Cathedral of Notre Dame, which is an iconic place of the city. Here you can view the city from the 216-foot-high (66 meters) platform.

5. Gutenberg Square

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

Gutenberg Square’s name was kept after a Strasbourg resident Johannes Gutenberg. He was the person who invented the movable-type printing press in 1439. It is situated close to the landmark Cathedral of Notre Dame. This square, nowadays, is famous as a meeting hall, having cafes and restaurants. The statue of Gutenberg Square is a prominent point of attraction for the visitors—which was designed by David d’Angers in 1840. The square had celebrated its striking architecture, most importantly Renaissance-style Chambre de Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) and the 16th century Hotel de Commerce—this is from where writer Arthur Young had taken a look at the destruction of the magistrates’ records during the French Revolution. Gutenberg Square is the hub of various seasonal events.

4. High Koenigsbourg Castle

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

High Koenigsbourg Castle has its tower about half-mile (757 meters) over the Alsace Plain. High Koenigsbourg Castle (also known as Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg) is an interesting and must see tourist point. It is one of the most famous tourist points of the famous Alsace Wine Route. HighKoenigsbourgCastle was founded n 12th century for the German Hohenzollern family, but much of its part was reconstructed in 19th century by Prussian Emperor William II. It has marvelous spires, and beautifully decorated facades—the highest and impressive point is HighKoenigsbourgCastle which captivates the attention of visitors towards the hilltop. HighKoenigsbourgCastle is located 34 miles (55 km) southwest of Strasbourg along the Alsace Wine Route.

3. La Petite France

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

La Petite is one of the most interesting tourist points of France. It has lattice of canal ways and assortment of half-timbered townhouses. Situated in Strasbourg, La Petite France is Strasbourg’s most picturesque neighborhood and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is found at the mouth of the River Ill on Strasbourg’s Grande Île, the historical district which tracks its history back from 16th century.

2. St Thomas Church

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

St Thomas Church is one of the most striking places of Strasbourg. It is a famous religious building, and is standing as a city’s distinctive tourist point. It tracks its history back from 12th century, from the times of Romanesque façade with Gothic touches added in the 16th century. The church is situated on the Grande Île in central Strasbourg. It is a few minutes walk away from the Covered Bridges and La Petite France.

1. Strasbourg Covered Bridges

Tourist Attractions in Strasbourg

Strasbourg Covered Bridges are a trio of bridges that arch over the canal ways of the River Ill. The bridges are a symbol of beauty of France, making them a gateway to central Grande Ile. None of the three bridges are covered, and they were founded as a part of city’s medieval fortifications. The bridges feature wooden canopies where the warriors used to protect the dam. Nowadays, the bridges are considered as the lasting vestige of medieval Strasbourg, and most of their ramparts were destroyed in 18th century.