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Top 10 Best Universities in Paris

A health science graduates online can be tailored to suit your career interest in the medical field and will learn the skills for best-starting point. You are a fascinated to learn about it for the best career. There is a variety of different careers to get substantial background knowledge of health science programs. Students can learn so many courses available to relating a health science graduates in Paris. Now students looking for study to another most top class universities of all countries. Now the Paris is most successful institutes of health science graduates. Here are the top 10 best universities in Paris.

10. Paris Descartes University

It was established on December 31, 1970. This University Ranking is 51st by QC 2013, and Support contemporary move toward of health science. There are lots degrees, and diplomas courses are available. In this universities are in 38,900 Students, 1,300 researchers, 600 engineers, technicians and administrative staff, 2,180 teachers, 82 laboratories, thirteen doctoral schools work in partnership. Budget of this University is 333 Million Euros in 2010, 252400m2 in property holdings.

Best Universities in Paris

9. Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University

Established on 1 January 1971, UPMC is largest scientific and medical complex in France. University ranking is 35th in the world, 6th in Europe and 1st in France and has more than 125 laboratories. There are 25th field of physics, 14th field of natural sciences, 4th field of mathematics, 32nd in the field of engineering.

Best Universities in Paris

8. Sorbonne University

It was established in 2010, which regroups eight major institutions. Students: 54,680 including 12,250 foreign students and more than 12,000 master’s students, 26 doctoral school, 6,210 PhD candidates, 1,100-1,200 theses produced/year. We have also Academic staff: 7,685 teaching-researches, Global budget: 684 million Euros, Surface area: 9 km2.

Best Universities in Paris

7. Sorbonne Nouvelle University

It has been established in 1971. The chancellor of university is Maurice Quénet, and President is Marie-Christine Lemardeley. There are in a 19,360 Students are studies in this university. There is Undergraduates 7,572 and Postgraduates 7,904, Doctoral 3,252.

Best Universities in Paris

6. Paris Diderot University

This university established in 1970 and gets two Nobel Prize laureates, currently, there are 2300 educators and researchers, 1100 administrative personnel and 26,000 students studying humanities, science, and medicine.

Best Universities in Paris

5. Paris 13 University

Established in 1970, following the division of University of Paris (1253). They have a multiple campus and academic staff (1,811), Students (23,078), Undergraduates (14,953), Postgraduates (7,523), and Doctoral (602).

Best Universities in Paris


Name is the French (École des Hautes etudes en Santa public). We have 90 full-time professors, 1300 students, 5000 training participants. This University organized 1 January 2008.

Best Universities in Paris

3. Sciences Po

Established in 1872 as the École Libre des Sciences Politiques, this school developed humanistic and pragmatic teaching programs, in the location of Paris, Reims, Dijon, Le Havre, Nancy, Poitiers, Menton, France. There are the 9,000 students studied on this university.

Best Universities in Paris

2. Institut National des langues et civilisations orientales

Founded in 1795 after French Revolution. In English pattern (NALCO) (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations).

Best Universities in Paris

1. École Normale Supérieure

It has been established in 1794, and the world rank 59th, there are 2,300 students and 650 doctoral. We have 800 on three Paris campuses. They got are 13 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 Fields Medalists.

Best Universities in Paris

All of these institutions offer best healthcare, business, engineering and other programs. So, you can be assured of high quality education at affordable prices. Make any of these universities your next destination to obtain a professional degree.