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Top 10 Best Universities in United States

There are various reasons for us to say that United States is a super-power and it definitely deserves to dominate other nations. Some of those reasons include its better financial and economical situations, hard working and dedicated manpower, well-ruled government and excellent educational environment. No doubt, a nation is always known and recognized the world over due to its education and economical values. United States can be credited to owe some top notch and well performing colleges and universities of the world. The education standards in this country are very high, so as the competition. Every university aims to dominate the other and become a topper. But the following top 10 best universities in United States are really superb and well graded by all the means.

best university in united states

10. Brown University:

It is one of the leading universities of United States. With its head campus situated in Rhode Island, it has a liberal and flexible research-based curriculum. Brown University offers a wide range of courses to the students.


9. Duke University:

Duke University, situated in North Carolina, is not only famous for its excellent educational facilities but also its modernized campus, equipped with all latest and top notch research facilities for the students. DukeUniversity is always a prior choice for international students to seek admission at.


8. Stanford University:

Stanford has a high standard of education in the town. The selection criterion of the students is strictly based on merit and educational background. This is why, only the top notch and intelligent students able to seek admission here. It is located in California.


7. Pennsylvania University:

PennsylvaniaUniversity name needs no introduction; it is one of the oldest and best national universities in America. Currently it is offering over 13000 different graduate, post-graduate and doctorate degree programs to the on-campus students.


6. Columbia University:

The head campus of this university is in New York; however its three sub-schools and various affiliated colleges are spread in all parts of USA. It is offering top notch research facilities and on-job training programs to the students so that they can enter into professional lives immediately after they complete the degree here.


5. Washington University:

WashingtonUniversity has always been a prior choice of international students, but to obtain admission at this St. Louis based university you have to clear the entrance test and make sure that your previous educational record is awesome.


4. University of Southern California:

It is especially famous for its world-class and high standard research facilities in the field of arts, science, history, healthcare, business and engineering. The graduates of this university are considered well mannered and intelligent; this is why they get jobs easily at different professional institutions and multinational companies.


3. Boston University:

Although BostonUniversity is a private sector university but in no way it is behind the race than any other government university. It ensures the students to provide well versed and top quality educational and research facilities. Also Boston is credited to offer various virtual training programs and distance learning opportunities to the students around the globe.


2. Florida University:

FloridaUniversity is known to have maximum students enrolled every year as compared to any other educational institution. It grants admission to more than 33000 male and female students in different degree programs and short courses every year. But still the university does not compromise the standards and quality of education at any cost.


1. Cornell University:

This New York based university is ranked at the top due to various reasons. For example, its education level and curriculum is much competitive, the fee structure is affordable, a wide range of course and subject selection is available and more that all this is the facility of completing the degree programs both on-campus and via virtual learning.


No matter a university is of government sector or private sector, its education standards need to be commendable so that the students of national and international level find no hesitation to get admission there.