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Top 10 Best Ways of How to Clear Lungs after Smoking

Clearning your lungs after smoking is very much essential. This is due to the reason that if the smoke remains present in your lungs, you will never be able to live a healthy and active life. If you’re a regular smoker, then chances are there that your lungs will be scarred and your breathing can be weakened with the passage of every day. The oxygen intake is also impacted negatively due to too much smoking, so it is essential for you to clear lungs.

Here are the top 10 best ways of how to clear lungs after smoking.

10. Go for Exercise

Clear Lungs after Smoking

Exercise is a great way to clear your lungs after smoking. If you have used plenty of smoking pipes, then make sure that you do workouts and exercises especially yoga. This will help you clear your lungs after smoking and your heath will remain good.

9. Eat Healthy Diets

Clear Lungs after Smoking

You should eat healthy diets and take fresh juices. It is no doubt true that there is no alternate of fresh diets and jucies. Give high preference to salad and green vegetables. These diets will keep you healthy and fit and will clear your lungs after smoking. Drink juices and milk to have excessive nutrients and to stay active all the time.

8. Don’t be Addict

Clear Lungs after Smoking

The best way to clear the lungs is that you should not be addict of it. Make sure you are using the cigerates casually not regularly. Those who get addict have lesser chances to have cleared lungs because of too much and excessive use of the smoking materials. The irregular use is good both for your health and for your pocket. If you become addict, then let me tell you that you will soon ruin your health and even can lose your life.

7. Stay Away from Carbon Monoxide

Clear Lungs after Smoking

Stay away from carbon monoxide and second-hand smoking pipes. Your lungs can be damaged with these harmful ingredients because carbon monoxide gets absorbed in the blood and becomes seriously harmful for internal body organs.

6. Eat Pineapples

Clear Lungs after Smoking

Bromelin, a component found in pineapples. It is able to work as a natural cleanser for your lungs. After every smoke, you should eat at least two to three pineapples to be assured that your oxygen intake is well managed and lungs’ health isn’t disturbed.

5. Avoid Wine after Smoking

Clear Lungs after Smoking

The instant intake of wine after smoking is very bad for health. You should not use both of these addicted materials simultaneously, because it can lead you severe to suffer with severe heart attack and might be your lungs’ capacity of oxygen intake will become poor.

4. Perform Breathing Exercises

Clear Lungs after Smoking

You should not forget performing breathing exercises. There are several such exercises highly recommended to smokers. These improve the function and performance of your lungs naturally. For example, you can use a spirometer device that helps in proper breathing through the diaphragm. Another way is to go for pursed lip technique. You can inquire your doctor about the most suitable breathing exercise.

3. Check Your Physician Regularly

Clear Lungs after Smoking

It is true that the smoking isn’t good for health, but until you’re unable to quit it, you should check your doctor regularly. Have an appointment with him at least once a week to be assured that he prescribes you some medicines to get rid of smoking. Ask him to clear your lungs or provide some suggestions that can help you clear your lungs after smoking.

2. Remember the Warnings

Clear Lungs after Smoking

The warnings told by your doctor should always be remembered. These might include not to use the smoking when you’re going to sleep, avoid it in an air-tight or ac room, and so on. Always remember that you should go in open air like garden, park or your home’s roof to smoke.

1. Use Ginger Tea

Clear Lungs after Smoking

You can also use ginger tea to stay away from various health complications which are usually accompanied with smoking. Your first preference should be to quit smoking, but if you cannot do so then have two cups of ginger tea every day to stay healthy and keep your lungs clear of the harmful smoke.