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Top 10 Best Ways to Earn Money through YouTube in 2014

YouTube is the most powerful video site nowadays. It is a platform where you can upload unlimited videos and make easy money. There is no short of ways to make money from this network. What you need is to adapt the right practices and input more focus to maximize your online exposure. No matter you become a Youtube celebrity or simply work for a channel, it is your capacity that will decide your income.

Here are the top 10 best ways to earn money through YouTube in 2014.

10. Earn through YourTube Views

How to make money from YouTube? This is a common question asked by many of us, but the answer depends upon your capacity to utilize its features in a better way. Commonly it is believed that we can make USD1 per thousand views or USD1,000 per million views, but you can make even more on the basis of people’s engagement towards your YouTube videos and ads.

Earn Money through YouTube

9. Engage Your Advertisers

Try to engage your audience; engagement here means to motivate them click or watch the ads for more than 30 seconds. AdWords is responsible to manage YouTube Advertising, and the advertisers choose ads on CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPV (Cost Per View) basis.

Earn Money through YouTube

8. Target Keywords with High CPC

Bear in mind that certain keywords pay more than others, so you’ve to choose the ones which are highest paying so the end results are much better. Advertisers pay more for keywords like “home mortgage” (CPC USD17.63). Consider different scenarios of keywords usage to make your advertisers happy, because money you make on YouTube has more to do with what advertisers pay on the basis of your views.

Earn Money through YouTube

7. Have Targeted Niche

If you’re enjoying a targeted niche with high CPC keywords, you won’t have to wait for billions of views to arrive as they’re automatically generated. It means, getting a few hundred views daily can bring you a couple hundred bucks monthly. Just be assured that while selecting your niche, you’ve kept in mind who your audience is and what do they actually want.

Earn Money through YouTube

6. Create a Web TV series

Love telling stories? YouTube facilitates you to create personalized web TV shows. Set your budget and developer comedy series, dramas, and talk shows for the audience. Remember that YouTube has set the time limit of each show up to 20 minutes; for uploading longer videos, you’ve to increase your limit. Promote your videos and earn handsomely from the sponsors.

Earn Money through YouTube

5. Sell Your Products

If you’d been selling your products at online store, Alibaba, and eBay like platforms, then also become a YouTube seller. The fitness, dieting, entertainment, and exercising channels grasp the maximum audience, so you can consider building up a similar one. Upload videos of your services and products regularly and enjoy huge profits.

Earn Money through YouTube

4. Affiliate Programs

An easier and quicker way to make money from YouTube is to promote affiliate products, and link them in your description field. This guarantees increased sales; all you need is to show how an affiliate product or service can be effectively utilized. This way you can make a lot of sales.

Earn Money through YouTube

3. Adapt Massive Video Production Strategy

Sometimes it takes like forever to make and upload videos. You’ve to adapt massive video production strategy, which means shoot, edit, upload and optimize over 20 every 10 hours if you really don’t want to lose your audience.

Earn Money through YouTube

2. Share Tutorials

If you’ve grip over tutorial creation, YouTube is an ideal platform for you. Create learning videos and upload on YouTube and make money from your students. Get inspiration from Michelle Phan who has more than 1.4 million views and learners.

Earn Money through YouTube

1. Open up YourVimeo Tip Jar

Vimeo is able to implement various approaches to monetize your YouTube videos. Take advantage of this network and generate personalized videos that involve “giving tips to the audience to make USD1-USD500 per day”. The more you produce such videos, the higher will be your subscribers, leading to huge clicks and impressions that result in quick Adsense money.

Earn Money through YouTube

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